Seedbed Preparation

The key to laying turf successfully is ground preparation and it is exactly the same for seeding turf. On our nursery in Lancashire we sow hundreds of acres every year which takes a huge amount of ground preparation. 

Every time, before new turf is sown, we must plough the field. Ploughing ensures that fresh nutrients are brought to the surface and any remnants of the previous crop are deeply buried so that they can be broken down.

A ploughed field needs a considerable amount of working to flatten and compact it sufficiently to seed for a turf crop. Normally this takes several passes with a power harrow which is a time consuming process. However, we have arranged a demonstration of a French made machine called a Lemken Kompaktor, is five meters wide and features an additional front press which is coming to the farm this March. We have high hopes that this machine be a great asset to our turf production.

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