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Rye Gold® Lawn Seed

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Rye Gold Lawn Turf Seed

This seed mixture is exactly the same as we use to produce our Rye Gold lawn turf - the most popular turf we've ever sold, meticulously curated to combine aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability.

The sumptuous deep green shade of the Rye Gold turf can be attributed to the two varieties of red fescue which are a key contribution to the formula of Rye Gold.

The 1kg bag covers up to 40 square metres and the 20kg bag covers up to 800 square metres.

Sowing Dates

Sow between March and October. Young grass will appear within 14-21 days under good growing conditions.

Sowing Rates

New Lawn:

35gms per sq. metre (1.25 oz per sq. yard)


25gms per sq. metre (0.75 oz per sq. yard)

Mowing Height

New Lawn:

When grass is 5-8cm (2-3in) high, cut for the first time. Trim lightly and gradually lower blades to an ideal cutting height of 25mm (1in).

Subsequent Cuts:

Mow regularly but try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any one time.

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  • "Great service and products - Very good quality turf and soil at a very competitive price - Will definitely be using again"

    23rd October 2023 - MBC FENCING & GARDENS, Emmer Green Reading.
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