Small Garden Ideas

When cultivating a smaller garden, you’ll want to utilize every bit of space possible whilst still maintaining an organised look. The key to an efficient, low-maintenance garden is thoughtful planning and preparation to make the most of your available space.

Small Garden Preparation

Effective preparation and assessment are crucial when designing a small garden. A strategic, not random approach is key, and you should attempt to be clever and creative in finding solutions.

Design your garden layout in advance and establish distinct sections, like seating areas and herb gardens, for a tidy, well-organised look.

Measure your garden and take note of the sunlight and shade patterns to allow yourself to plant and position your crops in the most suitable areas that will help them thrive.

Organised small garden

If laying turf in your garden, make sure you’re choosing the right turf type for your area- if the area is slightly shaded or needs a durable, resilient turf, you may want to invest in our Rye Gold Turf. If you’re looking for a domestic, family lawn, our Stadium should do the job no problem.

Utilising Levels in your Garden

The most popular way to utilise space in a small area is by taking advantage of the levels. You should avoid trying to fit everything in on ground level as it can make your small area seem crowded and messy.

Hanging plants

Utilize your garden’s levels by adding wall-mounted and hanging planters, making the most of your garden’s vertical levels for plant storage.

When organizing your ground level space, consider using tall planters or trellises to encourage vertical growth against walls, rather than spreading horizontally across the garden.

Organising your Small Garden

Segmenting your garden into areas for different plants can help a small space appear more rounded and organised. Designating sections for turf, flowers, and herbs allows you to utilize every inch of your garden effectively and neatly.

Utilizing raised beds and tiered planters not only maximizes space but also adds a stylish dimension to your garden.

Optimising your lawn / turf arrangement to incorporate stepping stones or gravel can add texture and dimension to the space, making it appear stylish and coordinated, rather than small and basic.

To elevate your small garden, consider adding garden furniture—a final touch that can make it feel cozy, inviting, and complete. Opting for compactable furniture is a smart, space-saving choice. Folding outdoor tables and chairs not only add style but also practicality, allowing for easy storage both indoors and outdoors.

Small garden furniture
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