Preparing your Turf for Spring

Now that the warmer climates of March are on their way, you may be wondering what the next steps are to ensure your turf regains its green and luscious appearance over the coming months.

Garden Preparation

Your first step to preparing your garden for spring is to clear any winter debris that may remain like leaves, twigs, stones etc. Rake these off the lawn, clear the surrounding area and remove any weeds that may have arisen over winter. You can do this with chemical-based killers or popular DIY methods such as vinegar, lemon juice or boiling water.

Once your general lawn area has been maintained, you can then look to work on your soil. Make sure that the ground isn’t frozen and that the springtime climate is appropriate for groundwork. If your ground struggles with drainage, you can aerate with a garden fork. This will encourage drainage and helps provide air, water and nutrients to reach the roots more effectively.


Early spring is the perfect time to fertilise as it gives your soil a boost before the turf starts actively growing. 

The soil nutrients will increase, giving the turf a stable and nourishing base ready for the growing season of later spring/early summer.

A well-fertilised & maintained lawn can also combat the spread and growth of weeds in Spring, making sure your turf stays healthy for longer. 

Spring turf fertiliser
Overseeding patchy lawn


If areas of your lawn have become patchy or brown over winter, you can overseed these areas to inspire re-growth. 

Our Rye Gold lawn seed is the same mix as our turf, and can blend into pre-existing lawns with ease. 

Overseeding is best done in April for an optimal growth cycle.


Wait until the lawn is dry enough to mow and set your mower to one of the higher settings. 

Avoid cutting your grass too short- you should never take more than one third of the length of the grass off at one time. Scalping the lawn will stress the grass and can leave brown or bare areas in the lawn.

As spring continues & your turf grows, the lawn will need mowing more frequently and you can gradually lower the height of your mower.

Mowing grass in spring
Laying turf

Laying Fresh Turf

If you’re looking to lay new turf this spring, you’ve chosen the perfect time to do it- the mild climate, sporadic rainfall and increased sunlight are all ideal conditions for turf to grow and thrive in, ensuring you a beautiful, lush lawn ready for the summer.

For more information on installing new turf this spring, you can follow our handy guides on how to lay turf, or purchase our top-quality Rye Gold turf now- available for next day delivery across the UK.

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