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  • Community garden thumbHow to Start a Community Garden24/02/2021A community garden is a volunteer led project where people from the local area work together volunteering their time to create a shared gardenContinue reading
  • Frit Flies in TurfFrit FlyThe Frit Fly is a shiny, black insect that can cause a lot of damage to the lawn in large numbers.Continue reading
  • Gardening for kidsGardening for Kids01/04/2021Projects and activities to encourage your kids to take in interest in gardeningContinue reading
  • Online Turf CalculatorTurf CalculatorA useful calculator to help you work out how much is needed for your gardening project.Continue reading
  • Laying GuideTurf Laying GuideFirst time laying a lawn? We put this tutorial page together to guide you through it step by step.Continue reading
  • University Campus ThumbMost Scenic Uni Campuses in the UK05/03/2019Top 10 list of the Most Scenic Uni Campuses in the UKContinue reading
  • Mower MaintenanceCoronavirus Update17/03/2020This article will be kept updated as the days progress and if the situation changes.Continue reading
  • Soil Day LogoWorld Soil Day 2020 #StopSoilPollution05/02/2019We are raising awareness of World Soil Day, here is what you can do to help fight soil pollutionContinue reading
  • Autumn Lawn CareSeasonal Lawn Care: AutumnA collection of useful lawn care tips to carry out in the autumn months.Continue reading
  • Gardening for beginners thumbGardening for Beginners28/07/2020Everything you need to know about lawn care & maintenance, pests & more.Continue reading
  • How to rejuvinate lawn thumbHow to Rejuvenate a Lawn21/07/2020There are many things that could cause damage or discolouration to your lawn. Here are some of the most common causes and how to rejuvenate your lawn.Continue reading
  • Sowing lawn thumbnailHow to Use Grass Seed25/06/2020Everything you need to know about using grass seed in your lawn and getting the best results.Continue reading
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