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  • Small garden ideasSmall Garden Ideas18/06/2024Simple, space-saving ideas for a low maintenance and efficient small garden.Continue reading
  • Clay soilHow to Improve Clay Soil06/06/2024Struggling with clay soil? Learn practical tips and effective methods to fix clay soil and transform your lawn.Continue reading
  • MillipedesMillipedesMillipedes are invertebrate garden pest that thrive in moist environments and feed on decaying plants.Continue reading
  • Watering lawn in springWatering Your Lawn in Spring15/05/2024Keep your lawn healthy and hydrated with our springtime watering tips.Continue reading
  • Laying turf onto compostLaying Turf Onto Compost01/05/2024Our handy guide on the benefits of laying turf onto compost.Continue reading
  • National gardening dayNational Gardening Day- 14th April12/04/2024From expert spring gardening tips to eco-friendly ideas, celebrate National Gardening Day with Online Turf.Continue reading
  • Attracting wildlife to gardenAttracting Wildlife to Your Garden04/04/2024Learn how to transform your garden into a wildlife-welcoming haven.Continue reading
  • Eco friendly weed killerEco Friendly Weed Killers21/03/2024Revitalise your garden for spring with these eco-friendly DIY weed killer alternatives.Continue reading
  • Preparing ground laying turfPreparing your Ground for TurfWanting the perfect lawn? Don't skip the groundwork! Follow Online Turf's expert ground preparation tips before you lay your new turf.Continue reading
  • Preparing turf for springPreparing your Turf for Spring29/02/2024With Spring just around the corner, get a head start on garden preparation for a lush, vibrant looking lawn.Continue reading
  • Turfing mistakesCommon Turfing Mistakes22/02/2024Common mistakes people make when laying turf- the essential guide on what not to do to make sure you get a lush looking lawn.Continue reading
  • Sowing seedSowing Grass SeedRejuvenate your struggling lawn or establish a new one entirely with our expert advice on sowing grass seed.Continue reading
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