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  • Turf Weed Common ChickweedCommon ChickweedThe Common Chickweed is a plant found throughout the UK and can be controlled easily by mowing.Continue reading
  • Care For Turf Whilst On Your HolidayCaring For Turf Whilst On Holiday08/12/2016Caring for your lawn whilst on holiday needn't be a chore, follow our simple tips to avoid any nasty surprises when you get home.Continue reading
  • Ants in TurfPestsInformation on the most common turf pests that are found throughout the UK including Ants, Chafer Grubs and more.Continue reading
  • Turf Rolls On a PalletNatural vs Artificial Grass?A long fought battle between two opposing sides. We discuss why there can only be one winner.Continue reading
  • Gardens ThumbnailTop 5 Gardens to visit this year29/08/2018Some of the most exciting gardens & nurseries aroundContinue reading
  • Ants in TurfAntsAnts are tiny red insects that exist in large colonies and can in fact benefit your lawn.Continue reading
  • Seasonal Turf MaintenanceSeasonal Turf MaintenanceSeasonal maintenance guide complete with advice on when to mow, general lawn tips and Gary the Gnome.Continue reading
  • Turf Definition ThumbThe Ultimate Gardening Glossary04/02/2020This Glossary was written in collaboration by several gardening experts from our family-run turf farm in Ormskirk.Continue reading
  • Lawn AerationAerating Your LawnIs your lawn looking down and out and in need of some reinvigorating? This guide is perfect for you.Continue reading
  • Rooftop TerraceCreating a Balcony or Roof Terrace08/12/2016We discuss how to create a balcony or roof terrace full of beautiful flowers, for a wonderful way to relax in your very own utopia.Continue reading
  • When Can I Lay Turf?SeasonalSeasonal guides with tips and advice on what to do to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.Continue reading
  • Laying GuideTurf Laying GuideFirst time laying a lawn? We put this tutorial page together to guide you through it step by step.Continue reading
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