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  • Tortix moths thumbTortrix MothsTortrix moth caterpillars bind leaves together to create a cocoon, damaging them in the process.Continue reading
  • Mower MaintenanceCoronavirus Update17/03/2020This article will be kept updated as the days progress and if the situation changes.Continue reading
  • Winter Lawn CareSeasonal Lawn Care: WinterA collection of useful lawn care tips to carry out in the winter months.Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds DaisyDaisyDaisies are small white flowers with spoon shaped petals that when overpopulated can be problematic.Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Greater PlantainGreater PlantainGreater Plantain, a common perennial weed that is found in grassy areas such as lawns, pathways and fields.Continue reading
  • Chafer Grubs in TurfChafer GrubsChafer Grubs are the larval stage of the Chafer Beetle which feed on lawn roots.Continue reading
  • Red Lawn MowerLawn Mower Buying GuideA comprehensive guide to buying a lawn mower, repair techniques and fun facts about the humble device.Continue reading
  • Mower MaintenanceMower Maintenance02/02/2011With our growing nursery it is essential we keep our mowers well serviced and maintained.Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Cats EarCat's EarCat's-Ear, similar in looks to the Dandelion but differs with its two flowers per stem and curved leaves.Continue reading
  • Frit Flies in TurfFrit FlyThe Frit Fly is a shiny, black insect that can cause a lot of damage to the lawn in large numbers.Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds ButtercupCreeping ButtercupThe Creeping Buttercup has bright, glossy yellow petals and can become uncontrollable if left to prosper.Continue reading
  • Earthworms in TurfEarthwormsEarthworms are tube-shaped insects living within soil that feed on organic matter.Continue reading
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