How Quickly Do I Need to Lay My New Turf?

Turf needs to be laid as soon as possible so good planning is essential. It is vital to remember that turf is a natural living product so without sunlight and without being laid and watered, it will start to deteriorate.

Follow our advice and tips below to ensure that your turf is laid in good time and gets off to a great start.


  • Ideally, turf needs to be laid on the same day as delivery.
  • If the turf cannot be laid on the same day as delivery, ensure that it is laid the following day at the latest. Do not leave turf rolled up for any longer than this, and follow the advice below.

Before Ordering

  • Do all of your ground preparation before ordering any turf. That way, you will know that when the turf arrives, you will definitely be ready to lay it straight away.
  • Turf can be delivered Tuesdays-Fridays, or on Saturdays for a £30 surcharge. When placing an order, you will be given a calendar where you can select the delivery day of your choice, so choose delivery to fit in with your plans to lay.
  • We only need your order by 2pm the day before delivery. So rather than guessing that a week on Tuesday you might be ready to lay the turf, you can make sure that you are definitely ready before ordering as we don’t need much notice.
  • Consider paying the extra £22.50 for an 8am-1pm delivery slot, particularly if you have quite a large area to cover. If it is a very large area, you may consider splitting the delivery over a few days – your turf supplier may suggest this to you.

Following Delivery

  • Lay the turf! Go Go Go!
  • On arrival, the pallet will be shrink wrapped – take this off straight away to allow the air to get to the turf.
  • If you cannot lay the turf straight away, then keep the turf outside but move it to a cool, shaded spot if possible.
  • Turf can overheat if left stacked on the pallet for too long, particularly if you are laying the turf in the summer. Take the rolls off the pallet making smaller piles so that the air can get to the rolls. You can even unroll the rolls if you have space to do so.
  • Many people think that watering the rolls whilst on the pallet will help – avoid this! The water will get warm and just add to any overheating, and steaming turf is never a good sign!
  • If you have left the turf on the pallet overnight, it may have lost a bit of colour. As long as it has only been left for one night, then this shouldn’t be an issue – it is just because the turf has been deprived of sunlight for an extra 24 hours. Once laid and watered, given time it will soon green up again.
  • Once laid, water the turf well and continue to water the turf every day for the first two weeks at least, whilst the turf is establishing and rooting in.

We work hard to ensure that our turf is as fresh as possible when it arrives with you. All turf is harvested to order and dispatched on an overnight next day delivery service so that wherever you are in the country, on arrival the turf has been out of the ground for 24 hours or less. So please don’t ruin our hard work by leaving our nice turf stacked on a pallet for days on end! With good planning, this can be easily avoided and your new lawn will get off to a great start.

For help on how to lay your new turf, visit our comprehensive turf laying guide.

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