National Gardening Day- 14th April

Here at Online Turf, we believe that beautiful gardens & beautiful lawns make happy people - so we’re celebrating National Gardening Day with our top gardening tips.

Benefits of Gardening

National Gardening Day was originally made to encourage more people to take up gardening & enjoy the physical and mental benefits it brings.

Many landscapers find that gardening can be a very therapeutic experience. Physical exertion and working towards a goal whilst being outdoors can have significant benefits for your mental health.

It’s also been scientifically proven to improve your mood as, when we come into contact with soil, the bacterium activates our serotonin neurons, giving us a boost of happiness and acting in a similar way to antidepressants.

Gardening is even being used as a form of social prescription to help people struggling with anxiety and mental health to improve their quality of life.

Gardening benefits

Spring Garden Maintenance

National Gardening Day falls on 14th April- perfect timing for gardeners (both novice & professional) to refresh their outdoor space ready for Spring.

Spring time is the ideal time to bring your garden out of winter dormancy and prepare for the growing season ahead.

Spring gardening

You’ll want to clear the area of any weeds/debris, repair any lawn patches & mow ready for the higher temperatures of late Spring/ early Summer.

If you’re looking to overseed your lawn, the higher temperatures of April is the perfect time. Seed needs a warm climate to be able to germinate and grow successfully.

 Laying turf is also best done in April as the climate is ideal for turf to root in and have enough water and sunlight for it to thrive.

Eco Friendly Gardening

Gardeners are exploring techniques for crafting homemade compost, crafting eco-friendly weed killers & selecting plants that attract beneficial wildlife to establish a thriving, healthy ecosystem in their gardens.

With sustainable gardening trends like ‘No Mow May’ & ‘Prairie planting’ on the rise, it is evident that prioritizing sustainability is becoming more of a priority for the everyday gardener.

It’s easy to understand why this is becoming a popular trend- Holistic gardening methods mean less money spent on expensive weed solutions/ compost mixes, saving you money & helping your garden thrive at the same time. 

Gardening in a sustainably minded way also means your garden is likely to thrive for longer, meaning less maintenance for you in the long run.

If you want anymore top gardening tips, you can check out our informative gardening blogs or lawn care guides. 

Happy National Gardening Day!

Eco friendly gardening
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