Laying Turf Onto Compost

Looking to spruce up your garden with fresh turf and want to know how to give it a fast-growing boost?

Well, you can skip the bags of fertilizer as laying turf directly onto a bed of compost offers a natural solution for a beautiful lawn packed with long-term nutritional benefits.

Ground Preparation

If you’re laying a new lawn from scratch, you’ll firstly want to remove any debris from the ground and level the lawn.

You can then incorporate your compost into the soil, aiming for around 2-3 inches coverage of compost on top of the soil.

Lightly rake the compost into the soil below, aiming for a 50/50 blend of soil & compost on the top few inches of ground. 

It is important to have an equal mix of both soil and compost, as too much compost can rapidly increase the growth rate of turf, meaning that you’ll find the grass needs mowing more regularly.

Once the mix has been raked together, you should then firm the entire area ready to lay turf on top of.

Check out our handy Ground Preparation Guide for more tips before you lay your turf.

Compost on turf

Turf Benefits 

Laying turf onto compost has numerous health benefits for your lawn.

It's a natural fertilizer, packed with nutrients for your turf to benefit from. These nutrients are organic and release slowly over time, giving your lawn a sustained boost.

Compost improves your soil’s structure, allowing sufficient airflow throughout the ground which helps water drain easily. This prevents the turf from becoming waterlogged.

Compost also retains moisture well, allowing the turf to stay hydrated for longer.

You can use compost as a topdressing for already established lawns to give the ground underneath a boost or when overseeding. This will improve germination rates and speed up the growth cycle.

Compost turf benefits

DIY vs. Delivered

For an eco-friendly lawn boost, you can make your own compost mix to use as a base.

You’d need a balanced mix of 70% Brown waste (straw. cardboard & twigs) and 30% green waste (leaves, grass, kitchen scraps).

However, if you want to make sure you’re getting a specially formulated blend that’s guaranteed to give your lawn a boost then you can invest in our Compost Packs. 

Available for next day delivery for a quick & easy thriving lawn.

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