About The Online Turf Scholarship:

Online Turf is offering a reward of £500 for one applicant in full time education of an agricultural or horticultural subject field.

Eligibility Criteria:

For an application to be considered for the Online Turf Scholarship, all the following criteria must be met by the applicant;

  • The applicant must be enrolled in full time education studying an Agricultural or Horticultural Course in University or College (1st - 4th Year)
  • The applicant must study and reside in the U.K
  • The applicant is 18 or above years of age or has parent's/ guardian's permission

Selection Criteria:

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on the following criteria;

  • High academic achievement
  • Relevant extra curricular activities
  • Financial need
  • Any additional criteria are established by the donor (e.g. subject being studied, class attendance etc)

How To Apply:

Click here to download the application form. Please read the form carefully and ensure that applicants meet the eligibility criteria listed above. Please send the completed document to before the deadline date for consideration. 

Submission Deadline:

The Deadline for submissions is the 30th of September, any applications submitted after this date will not be considered for the scholarship reward. If your application is successful we will inform you via email address or telephone as soon as a decision is reached on the 8th of October 2018


If you have any questions or queries about the scholarship or application process, please contact or

Submission Deadline: 30th September 2018

Terms & Conditions

Online Turf reserve the right to offer a conditional scholarship until sufficient evidence of an applicant's eligibility has been submitted and to withdraw the scholarship if an applicant subsequently found to be ineligible/ if these terms are not adhered to. As an Online Turf scholarship applicant, you are required to;

  1. Accept the scholarship by the given deadline: 30th November 2018
  2. Meet all eligibility requirements
  3. Be a registered student in full time education
  4. Scholarship is awarded for one year only 
  5. Make Online Turf aware if you are seeking any other scholarships
  6. Repay the scholarship pro-rata if you withdraw from the course before completion
  7. Allow Online Turf to contact you up to 2 years after your course is completed for an update on how the scholarship has effected your career.
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