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Check out our handy how to video guides right here! please note: Unfortunately, we no longer provide a pre-turfing fertiliser with our orders. Instead, we apply a liquid based fertiliser to all turf before the harvesting process.

How To Prepare The groud before laying Turf:

For best results, ensure that you have done the proper ground work with an even layer of topsoil to give your new lawn the best chance at establishing quickly to its new environment.

How to Lay Turf

Are you a turf-laying beginner? Learn from the experts with this short video and see how it's done.

Demonstration on How to lay topsoil & turf (Timelapse)

This fantastic timelapse sent in by one of our customers shows the entire process of clearing the garden, adding an even layer of topsoil and new lawn being layed.

How turf is produced - Harvesting

Ever wondered how we ensure fresh turf-rolls are sent to your door with next day delivery? Here is how it gets from our farm to your garden!

How turf is produced - Mowing

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