How to Rejuvenate a Lawn

As gardening enthusiasts, we all dream of achieving the perfect lawn all year round but like all living things, they have good days and bad. There are many things that can cause damage or discolouration to your lawn, so here are some of the most common ones, as well as how to rejuvenate your lawn when in these periods of disrepair.

Patching up Your Lawn:

One of the most common causes of damage to a domestic lawn is wear and tear from children, pets and wild animals. If parts of your lawn have been torn up by pets, or unwelcome guests such as moles, you may have parts of the lawn that need patching up with some fresh turf or grass seed.

Here are the steps to patching up your lawn:

  • Simply remove any damaged parts and ensure that your area is as flat as possible.
  • Cut your fresh turf to size and place down. You can easily trim the rolls to size with a sharp knife.
  • Keep off the newly laid turf rolls and ensure that it gets plenty of water each day for the first 14 days to help it adapt to its new environment.
  • Overtime the new lawn will begin to blend in with the rest of the lawn.

Cons of Patching up a lawn:

If you are a perfectionist like us here at online turf, you will quickly notice that the newly laid turf rolls may stick out as they are unlikely to match in colour with the same green shade as the rest of the lawn. They will also grow at different rates for the first few weeks which will be noticeable. If your lawn is in particularly bad shape, you may want to consider re-seeding or simply removing and laying all new-fresh turf.

Weed infestation:

Weeds are not an uncommon sight in gardens across the nation, they are perfectly adapted to growing everywhere outdoors, even through concrete! If your garden lawn is infested with weeds, taking action is essential to get them under control.

There are many chemical weed killers on the market, one of our favourites is an all-in-one weed & feed. This helps destroy weeds and simultaneously nourish your lawn to keep it looking green and healthy. Although this is not an overnight fix, keep in mind that you may need several applications over a few months to fully kill off the weeds depending on how the severity of the infestation.

*Top tip:* When you buy our stadium turf or premium rye gold turf we guarantee a weed free product on delivery!


Your plants and lawn need nutrients to survive and over time the nutrients in the soil and surrounding areas will slowly deplete. Fertilising your lawn in the spring time is a great idea to help struggling areas recover quickly from the winter. When dealing with chemicals in the garden, make sure that you always read the label and follow the manufacturers instructions. Over fertilising can have adverse effects on all plant life including killing it completely.

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