​Toadstools In Newly Laid Turf

So you have toadstools in newly laid turf do not panic! It is quite common for small toadstools to appear in newly laid lawns. This can be quite a worrying site at first, but it is nothing to be concerned about.

The toadstools will only be temporary and they are actually a sign that your garden is nice and fertile and that your new turf is in a good home, so try not to worry and just follow the advice below.

Why do toadstools appear?

  • When we harvest turf in our fields, some of the roots will be cut and damaged during the harvesting process.
  • When the turf is laid in your garden, most of the roots will bed into the new soil and start growing. Some of the damaged roots however will start to die off.
  • The damaged roots which do not bed into the new soil are then decomposed by microscopic bacteria and fungi, leading to toadstools appearing at the surface.
  • This can be particularly common when laying turf in the summer months, as the warm weather and moist conditions from watering give the toadstools the perfect conditions.

What should I do?

As the toadstools feed on any small decaying roots, the toadstools are only temporary as this ‘food’ soon runs out. Therefore if left, the toadstools will die off on their own given time. You can however speed this up using the advice below:

  • Brush the toadstools with a stiff brush, snapping the stems. The mushrooms will then dry out and die off.
  • Alternatively, if your lawn is ready for a mow, then this will also break the stems and have the same effect.
  • Once you have done the above, a few may reappear, but continue this and they will soon decrease in numbers until they no longer reappear.

Are they poisonous?

Without accurate identification, it is impossible to say exactly what type of fungi they are and whether they are poisonous. Toadstools that appear in these conditions are most probably a ‘brown hay cap’ which are not poisonous but may be harmful if eaten, so as a precaution it is best to keep children away and follow the tips above to remove them.

Will they damage my lawn?

No, these toadstools will not have any damaging or long lasting effect on your new lawn. They will only be temporary so they will soon be gone.

If toadstools do appear in your lawn, hopefully this information will help to put your mind at ease. The toadstools will only be temporary and will soon stop popping up. If you have anymore questions or concerns, just contact your turf supplier for more information.

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