Tools Of The Trade - Tractors & Turf Harvesters

One of our major capital costs are tractors, due to this choosing them requires careful consideration. Fendt tractors offer a reliable solution and was when of the key criteria when we replaced our existing fleet. We have found them to be reliable, efficient, comfortable and great value for money. Their high residual value offsets the initial investment and reduces the cost of ownership.

2 of our tractors are fitted with state of the art GPS technology which enables them to drive in a perfectly straight line, accurate within 2cm. This is incredibly useful when the driver is mowing with 8 metre wide mowers, ensuring the there is no overlap or missed strips of grass.

The service from Clarke & Pulman has been first class with prompt backup and support. Here are some of the tools of the trade to ensure that we can deliver high quality turf rolls to customers across the entire country.

Our current fleet consists of:

ModelSpeedAdded Extras
Fendt 51655KTurf Tyres - Used for seeding & ground work
Fendt 51655KTurf Tyres - Used for mowing & field work
Fendt 51655KAgricultural Tyres - Used for trailer work
Fendt 71655KAgricultural Tyres - Used for trailer work
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