How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Attracting wild birds to your garden can be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding for any keen gardener. Here is how to make your garden a welcome environment and attract many species of wild birds.

Leave out Bird Food:

Nothing will attract birds to your garden quicker than food! Simply install an appropriate bird feeder and watch the birds come to feast. Seeds, nuts and suet balls (fat balls) are a firm favourite of many bird species and using a mix in a tube feeder or feeding table is a great way of attracting different species.

When purchasing bird feed, keep an eye out for a label that states "Nil detectable signs of aflatoxin" this will ensure that the feed is entirely safe to eat. If you want to opt for a more natural feed, meal worms are ideal for birds as they provide plenty of moisture and protein that birds need to survive.

If larger birds like magpies or other pests like squirrels are tempted to hog the bird feed - they will scare off many of the smaller species that you want to attract. If this occurs, special feeders such as cage feeders allow just enough space for small birds to get through the gaps and deter larger - unwelcome guests.

Keep in mind you may want to give the feeder a quick wash down with some soapy water – every couple of weeks just to keep any dirt and dangerous bacteria away.

Add a Water Feature:

Bird baths or other un-frozen water features such as a pond are ideal for birds to drink and bathe in. Gardens that include such features will become much more attractive to many bird species as a constant source of water is essential to wildlife.

Bird baths that slope to ~ 8cm are ideal for a wide variety of bird species and if you put a couple of stones in the centre, it will help even the smallest of birds get in and out easier.

Install a Bird Box:

With a safe place to nest, a bird box is an ideal way to ensure that birds will keep coming back all summer long. Before you go hammering nails in to install your bird box, keep in mind that the box location is key. If your bird box is too low, or can't protect them from predators or the elements - your bird box will simply go unused. Bird boxes are built to last over 15 years easily!

If you are tech-savvy, bird nest camera kits are fairly inexpensive nowadays and will allow you to watch the entire process from building the nest to the young chicks eventually growing up and leaving the nest!

Keep on top of General Garden Maintenance:

If you want to invite wildlife over to your garden, keep it habitable! the best way to do so is to keep on top of your regular garden maintenance and ensure that any dead trees/leaves are removed.

Other plants and bushes that can provide natural cover for birds is highly sought after as it provides a place to hide from predators and a potential nesting site.

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