Caring For Turf Whilst On Holiday

As the British Summer season approaches, it is likely you are expecting to catch zero sunshine in our own British climate. So like many other families and individuals you may have planned to get away to a warmer or more luxurious destination for a couple of days, or a couple of weeks!

If so, then caring for your lawn is probably the last thing on your mind. However, by following these simple tips you can prevent any nasty surprises for your return home.

Away for a long weekend or up to a week? It is likely your turf will not even notice you are gone. No extra precautions should be needed, simply mow your lawn to your usual height the day before you leave. If you water your lawn but do not have active sprinklers set up then a good watering the day before you leave will be sufficient for your short break.

If you are going away for a fortnight or longer, then a bit more preparation will be needed. You will want to take your lawnmower down a setting to ensure it does not grow to an excessive length whilst you are away. Upon return many people believe they need to immediately mow their lawn back to regular height, when in fact this can actually cause problems. Instead you will want to turn the setting up one or two on your lawnmower. One the main rules of mowing is to never cut more than a third from the turf stems each time. This is to actually provide shade for the soil below your turf. Having your soil scorched by the sun can have devastating side effects on the health of your lawn.

Again you will want to give the turf a good soaking the day before you leave, as well as after you return. If you are going to be away for significantly longer than two weeks, you may want to see if a family member or friend can take over light gardening duties from time to time.

Fertilising your turf before you leave may sound like a great idea, however this is not advisable. This will only encourage your turf to grow much faster, meaning it will need to be cut more often.

The most important tip is try not to worry about your turf too much whilst on holiday and enjoy yourself!

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