Watering Your Lawn in Spring

The springtime sun brings everything back to life, and that includes your lawn! Therefore, your lawn care needs to reflect the changing needs of the turf throughout the seasons.

Why Do I Need to Water Differently in Spring?

Seasonal turf laying

Seasonal changes affect how much moisture your turf can retain and how much it needs. 

As we move out of winter and into spring, your turf will be transitioning out of winter dormancy and will begin growing against the temperatures rise.

This rise in temperature means that, in order to prevent your turf from drying out, it would benefit from a new, spring-time watering schedule.

When Do I Water?

Watering your garden depends on your local climate and weather, so you should try and base your watering schedule on the immediate needs of your grass for the best results. 

If your soil looks quite dry and you experience warmer climates in early spring, this will be a sign to begin watering again.

However, if the climate is still quite cool and you’re getting a lot of rain, you won’t need to water your garden as much.

The best time of day to water your lawn is in the morning, or at night before the sun is directly overhead. This allows the lawn to soak up the moisture without the sun evaporating it from the grass.

When to water turf

How Much Do I Water?

Watering turf

You should water the grass until it is fully soaked and re-water if the grass looks dry. In higher temperatures, you may need to water a few times a day to ensure the lawn is soaking up the water. An under-watered lawn will appear dry, brown and patchy.

In periods of colder weather & heavy rain, you may not need to water as much as nature will take care of that for you.

It is very difficult to overwater a lawn- however if you’re flooding the garden and getting boggy areas where water pools, this may be a sign to wait until the area dries up before watering again.

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