Why Rye Grass is Great for your Garden

Selecting the right seed mix for your turf is crucial when considering factors such as longevity, durability and the aesthetics of your newly laid lawn. In this blog, we’ll discuss why choosing a rye grass based product is not only the most visually appealing choice for your new turf, but the most practical choice too.

Why rye grass

What is Rye Grass? 

Perennial Rye grass is part of a grass species that is commonly used for turf, lawns and pasture grasses due to its hard-wearing nature and beneficial qualities. 

It is also the main seed component of Online Turf’s most popular and premium grass, Rye Gold Turf. 


Rye grass is best known for its hard-wearing and durable capabilities, with it being the most suitable for heavy foot traffic. Whether you’ve got young children who love to play in the garden, or a furry friend playing fetch on your lawn, Rye grass is the one that will last you for years to come.

Rye grass is often the top choice for turfing sports areas such as  football fields or rugby pitches, due to its resilient ability to bounce back and self-repair with time.

One of the most appealing qualities of Rye grass is its resilience to survive a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. It maintains its lush green colour and high quality all year-round and perseveres throughout the seasons. It can germinate at temperatures as low as 5°c over winter and tolerates shaded areas better than other seed mixes.


Rye grass is one of the most adaptable grass types. It thrives under a wide range of soil qualities, climates and blends into pre-existing lawns with ease.

It bodes well with other plant and grass types, making it an all-rounder for sowing new lawns, or for overseeding.

If a lawn becomes patchy/worn and needs infilling, you can use our Rye Gold seed to mix in with your current lawn to give it a fuller, more textured look. The versatile rye seed blends into any lawn and does a great job at inspiring the re-growth of thick, dense swards.

How do I Overseed?
  • Mow the lawn to a short length.
  • Ensure the soil is moist and aerated by spiking holes with a garden fork.
  • Sow the seed onto the area, distributing evenly across the lawn, both widthways and lengthways. Ensure the seed has been rolled/pressed into the earth to ensure germination.
  • Water well after seeding and over the following weeks. Make sure to stay off the lawn for 21 days after sowing.
  • Within a few weeks, you’ll have brand-new grass sprouting covering any trace of damage or patchiness.
Sowing seed


If you’re thinking about upgrading your garden to a lush looking lawn, you want results, and fast.

Rye Grass’ rapid germination properties allows a speedy growth alongside a dense, luxurious appearance, with results expected in as little as a week. Other grass species can take weeks to sprout, whereas with rye grass, you can expect to see sprouting within a few days of planting.

Rye grass is also equipped with a compact and fibrous root system that is beneficial for soil health, meaning that you get a healthy, optimal base for your lawn from the ground up.



One of the most important factors of selecting a good quality lawn is the appearance.

Rye grass has the overwhelming advantage of a stellar visual appeal. With its beautiful dark green colour and fine, ornamental leaf texture, the overall look and feel of rye grass-based turf is nothing short of luxury.

Customer Feedback Photos:

Rye lawn
Rye grass gardenStriped lawn

Rye grass is also great for mowing versatility- the common mowing height of a rye grass lawn is between 1.5 to 2.5 inches, but it can be mowed as low as 1 inch without the danger of being scalped. You can also leave it to grow as high as 3 inches during the summer, to allow for moisture retainment.

Cutting your lawn short creates an aesthetically-pleasing, manicured look, and whether you’re hosting outdoor events, turfing sports areas or simply just enjoying your back garden, rye grass can provide the perfect picturesque backdrop.

When it comes to ensuring you’re choosing a hard-wearing, good looking and top-quality lawn, rye grass is the way to go.

Our Rye Gold turf is a crowd-pleaser, and is the top choice for landscapers, homeowners and customers alike. Its quick growth, resilience and ornamental look allows you to transform your outdoor space into a thriving, vibrant environment that’s enjoyable all year-round.

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