• Chafer Grubs in TurfChafer GrubsChafer Grubs are the larval stage of the Chafer Beetle which feed on lawn roots.Continue reading
  • Earthworms in TurfEarthwormsEarthworms are tube-shaped insects living within soil that feed on organic matter.Continue reading
  • Leatherjackets in TurfLeatherjacketsLeatherjackets are the larval form of crane flies which may damage the lawn by eating grass roots.Continue reading
  • Frit Flies in TurfFrit FlyThe Frit Fly is a shiny, black insect that can cause a lot of damage to the lawn in large numbers.Continue reading
  • Ants in TurfAntsAnts are tiny red insects that exist in large colonies and can in fact benefit your lawn.Continue reading
  • Aphids in TurfAphidsAphids, AKA Green Flies, are tiny insects that can be a bit of a nuisance in your garden.Continue reading
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