Guides: Weeds

  • Turf Weeds Daisy Daisy Daisies are small white flowers with spoon shaped petals that when overpopulated can be problematic. Continue reading
  • Turf Weed Common Chickweed Common Chickweed The Common Chickweed is a plant found throughout the UK and can be controlled easily by mowing. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Selfheal Selfheal Selfheal is a violet-blue, square stemmed weed that is commonly found throughout the UK. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Cats Ear Cat's Ear Cat's-Ear, similar in looks to the Dandelion but differs with its two flowers per stem and curved leaves. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Greater Plantain Greater Plantain Greater Plantain, a common perennial weed that is found in grassy areas such as lawns, pathways and fields. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Buttercup Creeping Buttercup The Creeping Buttercup has bright, glossy yellow petals and can become uncontrollable if left to prosper. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Clover White Clover White/Dutch Clover can become a bit of a handful when in large numbers and spreads wildly if left alone. Continue reading
  • Turf Weeds Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion, similar to Cat's-Ear, differs with its single flower per stem and pointy, angled back leaves. Continue reading
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