Earthworms in Lawn

What are Earthworms?

Earthworms are tube-shaped insects that live within your soil that feed on organic matter. If we’re honest though, they aren’t much of a pest when you look at the positives and negatives. Yes, the main bug bear is that they can leave unsightly castings on your lawn but they do much more good than harm. They will in fact enrich the soil, aerate the soil, relieve compaction and also decompose thatch. So, when it comes to earthworms in your lawn, we don’t think they’re much of a nuisance.

What to look out for

  • Small mounds in grass which are commonly known as castings.
  • These can smear when mowed so the best thing to do is brush them away when they are dry.

When does it occur?

Worms come to the surface following a spell of wet weather. Scientists believe this is due the worms migrating to different locations as it’s easier to do so in wet conditions. This may unfortunately cause the unsightly castings, however this naturally created matter from the worm is a great fertiliser.

Treating and Preventing Earthworms in Lawn

  • As we mentioned earlier, the worm isn’t much of a nuisance and will benefit your lawn more than anything.
  • However, when it does rain worms naturally come to the surface therefore they may end up being food for birds.
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