• "Turf delivered in 3 days at 9am, I ordered 38 rolls of stadium turf and the quality is superb. I laid it that day. It's been down 6 days and coming along nicely with no weeds or yellow spots, the unexpected emails I keep receiving are a fantastic idea of how to take care of the grass an when it shall be ready to mow. I have already highly recommend you to a friend who is currently doing their garden. Fantastic turf, great price and outstanding service thank you"

    14th April 2015 - Nicola hicklin
  • "Excellent, fast delivery and was very happy with the stadium turf"

    7th April 2015 - Simon Gregory
  • "Excellent service all around! Ordered both topsoil and turf. Great options around delivery including saturdays. Thankfully the delivery arrived early which gave us plenty of time to ensure we could lay the turf on the day of delivery. Really pleased with quality of turf - even though we opted for the cheapest budget turf. The turfs were lovely and green and no weeds. The topsoil was amazing too! After a day's hard work the garden looks so much better, fingers crossed it all grows! We have been watering daily and the turf seems to be growing! The after sales emails are really helpful and look forward to receiving future advice about mowing! Would definitely recommend and use again if the need arose!!"

    28th March 2015 - Donna Edwards
  • "Ordered stadium grass for a saturday delivery. Grass was delivered within the alloted time and the grass looks great, i have had so many compliments about the quality and colour. I was a bit apprehensive after reading a couple of reviews but really glad i got it now its laid. Looks fabulous"

    9th March 2015 - m.vassiliou
  • "I bought the stadium turf which has now been down a week and is nice and green. When it arrived it looked fresh fresh and good quality. Will defunitly buy again when I do the next piece of lawn. Will never buy turf from b&q again after seeing the difference"

    23rd October 2014 - mike
  • "Great Service, Ordered Stadium Turf and deliverd next day, rich green healthy turf, unfortunaltey had to lay it in very wet ground so lets see how it does but would deffinatley reccomend the service. Thanks Simon"

    20th October 2014 - Simon
  • "Ordered 80m Sq arrived before 12pm the next day. Stadium turf is excellent much better quality than our existing lawn. Watched the video before laying the turf, only other coment would be to make sure the runs are staggered to make sure joints are like brick work. Simple to lay like carpet. Very pleased with the result a pretty simple DIY job once the ground is prepared and you can save yourself a small fortune. Follow up emails are usefull expecially regarding watering and feeding lawn before 1st mowing of new lawn. Overall very pleased has transformed our back garden at a very reasonable price. Would recommend Online Turf to anyone."

    14th October 2014 - Scott
  • "Bought Stadium Turf, can't fault it. Ordered on a Tuesday along with 3 bulk bags of top soil & it was all delivered Thursday afternoon. I payed £10 extra for a pm delivery the driver phoned 20 minutes before he came round & dropped the stuff off at 13:00. Had all 65m² layed by 18:00 looks great. The delivery method was fine for me, truck with hydraulic tail gate & a pallet barrow. If you need pallets of turf droped into a garden over a fence for instance then it may be worth enquiring if you can have your goods delivered on a flat bed truck equiped with a HIAB which may cost extra but may save a lot of back braking graft. The after care E-mails are a great touch especially if you haven't got green fingers. 10 out of 10"

    7th October 2014 - Glen
  • "I have been impressed with the customer service and with the stadium turf. It's been down for a couple of weeks and looks great. Happy to recommend. Many thanks."

    6th October 2014 - Alasdhair , Oxfordshire.
  • "I ordered Stadium Turf and it's so luxurious [no weeds]. Service was excellent and very helpful 'on-line support'. Will definitely be ordering more!"

    3rd September 2014 - Debbie
  • "I bought some of the Stadium Turf which was what I considered to be a very good price. I was kept up to date with shipping, it arrived exactly on time and is excellent. Early days to see if it takes okay to the ground beneath but so far it looks fantastic. Easy to lay and lots of useful tips on looking after it. Very happy :)"

    27th August 2014 - Lawrence Paterson
  • "Great service, I ordered late Thursday and 80 m2 was delivered on the on lunch time abut later than it should have been... The quality of the stadium turf is excellent even in February a rich green with no patches of weed/moss or any yellow grass. Now for the coming weeks to see how well this takes to my soil with plenty of watering on the dry days. as this time of year brings plenty of rain :) Thanks guys"

    7th August 2014 - Ben
  • "Ordered 54 square metres of Stadium turf on the Wednesday and it arrived 9:30am on the Thursday. Good quality grass and appears to be settling in nicely after following their laying and care instructions. Good site and good service."

    1st July 2014 - George W
  • "What a great service I'm so pleased I found Onlineturf.co.uk. The stadium turf is amazing I can't believe how good it looks. After seeing it this weekend already one of my friends has ripped up his sorry lawn and order from onlineturf for next day delivery. And all my other friends kept saying how great it looks, the only problem is the other half of my gargen looks like it needs re turfing now as the stadium turf is so pristine and perfect. Thanks so much."

    27th June 2014 - Chris Jordan
  • "Very pleased with the Turf and the service received. The staff were very helpful when I called with a few questions. Turf is very good quality at a great price (we ordered Stadium Turf). Would definitely recommend this company. Thank you!"

    18th June 2014 - Angie - Oxfordshire
  • "Ordered managers special turf on Wednesday evening for delivery Friday. Turf arrived on the Friday before 10am allowing me to lay it the same day. Good looking weed free turf. Excellent service."

    17th June 2014 - Gordon
  • "Excellent service, ordered last tues morning and delivered at 11:30 on wed morning. We laid it on wed night, it looks really good, fresh and green. The emails we have received since buying with really good advice on the upkeep of our grass is a great idea. Never had with anyother company before. We will definitely use this company again and without hesitation, recommend to our family and friends."

    28th May 2014 - mrs c fraser
  • "Quality product with quality service at the right price. Says it all really. Would definately reccomend. Only grumble, at least 10 rolls of my 150m2 were not fit for purpose. These rolls were damaged beyond repair and could not be used. Best quality top soil I have ever used, better than the rest."

    13th May 2014 - Steve Hilsley
  • "Excellent Turf, I brought 60 stadium turfs and 1 bag top soil for lawn. Only 3 rolls out of the 60 were slightly damaged ( torn). Could still use them to do the uneven edges. I should have brought 2 bags of Top soil. I had to buy extra 21 bags of topsoil ( 35ltr per bag) from home base. The grass is dark green and quickly takes root. They look great in 2 days of watering. Many Thanks."

    1st May 2014 - Matthew
  • "After recieving my turf last week and laid it..the stadium turf came in great condition and now a week on it is growing well!! The greeness of the grass is great and top quality would recommend them to anyone looking for new turf!! I would use again"

    24th April 2014 - Jordan
  • "Ordered 60m2 of Stadium Turf on Thursday for delivery on Saturday. It was unloaded and in my property by 0730, which gave me plenty of time to lay it that day - absolutely brilliant! The turf was very healthy indeed with no evidence of any weeds at all and after five days it appears to be growing well. The advice and guidance from the web site certainly helped in the preparation of my garden and the actual laying of the turf. My only criticism is that about half a dozen turfs each had a ragged end where it appeared that they hadn't been cut properly and led to part of those turfs been wasted."

    13th March 2014 - Peter Wadeson
  • "Great service, I ordered late Thursday and 150 m2 was delivered on the Saturday. The quality of the stadium turf is excellent even in February a rich green with no patches of weed/moss or any yellow grass. Now for the coming weeks to see how well this takes to my soil with plenty of watering on the dry days. as this time of year brings plenty of rain :) Thanks guys"

    17th February 2014 - Anon
  • "I came across this company after surfing the Web. It was one of my best surfing experiences to date, not only is the turf product (Stadium)excelent and the delivery and communications from the company first class; there are other facets such as the company send out Email reminders on when to do your first lawn cut and other useful information. Added to this and unlike other Turf suppliers their turf has no plastic mesh within it, unlike other surplies who do - and which is not bio-degradable! Excellent Company! Excellent Propduct!"

    23rd September 2013 - Royston L.B.
  • "Excellent delivery and super healthy turf and top soil. Small lawn laid in the afternoon after an AM delivery. Been down for nearly a week now and looks lush! Very pleased with service. Would highly recommend."

    23rd September 2013 - Maggie Keen
  • "Turf and topsoil arrived on Sat. So far so good as the lawn is looking great. Really pleased to have a small piece of Lancashire in Hampshire! Only disapointment was that I was asked to help the guy unload the goods off his lorry - which I did to ensure I got the delivery!"

    23rd September 2013 - Ged Houghton
  • "I ordered "Stadium" and was very pleasantly surprised. It's a beautiful fine turf at reasonable price delivered on pallets in excellent fresh condition. Even just laid, there were no colour mismatch and seams were practically invisible. I also liked the fact that unlike others, the supplier quotes prices including VAT, that they include free fertiliser and that there is an option for AM or PM deliveries on Saturday, which I used."

    20th September 2013 - AMR-Dunstable
  • "Ordered the Stadium turf and it was delivered the next day and was in great condition. Our new lawn looks fabulous and is very good quality:)"

    16th September 2013 - Sinead
  • "We bought the “Stadium Turf - July Special” on behalf of our youngest son, who had just moved in to his first house. We have no hesitation in recommending this company. There were no problems with amending the order for a few more turves. Delivery excellent and early in the day, although we went for the free anytime delivery. Superb quality turf (at much less than local and DIY stores prices) and it came with free fertiliser. Although creating a new lawn from scratch in an August heat wave was hard for us the grass did not mind and took extremely well. Follow up emails on progress and things to do next were really useful for our son as a first timer. The grass is now well established and being mown and watered regularly. It has made a fantastic change to the garden and well worth the effort and money. It is nice to be able to thank such a quality company."

    7th September 2013 - Howard
  • "Hi, we are delighted with our purchase. We ordered the turf for delivery that Saturday which we happily paid extra for. The turf to our surprise, arrived at 7.30am, by 8.45am we had a lovely lawn laid, made easier by watching the 'How To' videos provided. Less than two weeks later the lawn is almost completely knitted together and is superb!! An email this morning was a lovely touch telling us that the lawn should be ready to cut now. The pre and post sales communication has been great. We have the Stadium Turf which has no weeds in it and is growing fantastically well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. TOP NOTCH!!!! Regards Hayley."

    20th August 2013 - Hayley
  • "Ordered the stadium turf arrived midday on the delivery day. Excellent quality turf together with free fertiliser. Followed the laying instructions from the on-line site. Excellent value. Would recommend this company. Really pleased with the condition of my new lawn."

    19th August 2013 - Johnny Mull
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