• "Highly recomend. Bought stadium turf and results are outstanding."

    9th June 2016 - somi
  • "I have been extremely impressed with the service, quality of the aftercare and the product . The service has been incredible. Ordering was simple , quick efficient delivery of relally excellent quality turf (stadium) not even the most expensive turf. Price good, free delivery impressive. Then the aftercare which was a surprise was great fully recieved I am not a gardener so very helpful and feel as though the company care which is rare these days. Will and have already recommended to family, friends and acquaintances ."

    8th June 2016 - Mandy
  • "Very impressed with the stadium turf I recently purchased, looks very good and was of good quality. The service from them was very good as well, emails to help out with when to water and mow etc"

    1st June 2016 - Steve Cook
  • "Was a little worried as we don't always know what your going to get once your order has been placed turf was of a good quality and well wrapped on the pallet driver delivered it right to my back gate. I have brought turf before from well known garden centers !!!!!!!! Claiming to be the best turf . i can honestly say the turf I was supplied with from online turf was stadium turf. and it looked good as soon as it was laid no yellow patches looks green and lush. my only regret is why we didn't order it sooner. you also get good contact with advice and tips and when you need to do something. 10 out of 10 fantastic turf for a price cheaper than your loacal garden centre and delivered to your door would highly recommend online turf in future."

    18th May 2016 - Adam
  • "Great Lawn. Love the aftercare. Seems to be growing well, and it has been down for less than a week. I'd recommend Online Turf to anyone who wants a good quality Turf company."

    17th May 2016 - Lee Goile
  • "Very pleased with the turf , bought stadium turf and was delivered 2 days later was excellent service and the after care has been amazing contacting me about when to cut the grass and how the laying went so overall very happy"

    16th May 2016 - Luke
  • "Great turf (stadium), at a good price and delivered with notice from the driver. Delivery driver was very friendly and helpful.Also like the reminder emails telling you how to look after your turf and when to cut it for the first time.Will use this company again when I next need turf."

    10th May 2016 - Stephen Prebble
  • "Very pleased with the quality of the turf (Stadium) and the proffesionalism of the company."

    9th May 2016 - Arthur
  • "I recently took delivery of 30 sq mts of stadium turf and a bulk bag of turfing topsoil.The order was delivered on the day and at the time requested. This is a very good quality turf and the turfing topsoil gives it a very good start to begin to develop roots which came through after 3 days . I would advise anybody looking for good quality turf to look no further than this company and the backup service is very helpful."

    5th May 2016 - Stephen D
  • "Extremely impressed. From beginning of order, right through to lawn aftercare, this has been a simple procedure. Ordered 2 tonnes of topsoil and stadium turf. It was delivered by a friendly and helpful driver just after lunch time, and I managed to get the topsoil down, and turf laid within 2 hours. The topsoil that was delivered was much better quality than in my garden already, so extremely happy with that. The Stadium turf was far better than expected, and is now putting the rest of my lawn to shame. It was laid 6 days ago, and is beautifully green, and looking like it is nearly ready for a cut.Thank you Online Turf, I will be using you again!"

    25th April 2016 - Tania
  • "Very happy with the new turf - ordered statium turf (for both front and back) - Delivered next day as promised - And the quality of this turf is outstanding. For quality, customer service and value I cannot fault. Excellent - Thaks"

    22nd April 2016 - Paul
  • "Couldn't be more happy with the advise, service delivery and quality of the soil and grass, thank you. Barney, London"

    29th March 2016 - Barney r
  • "Turf and topsoil arrived on time, deliver driver was most helpful.overall very impressed with purchase and follow up e mails."

    10th March 2016 - Rob
  • "Thanks so much for changing my delivery days, turf is realy good quality and the topsoil is too. Will be placing an order again with you soon."

    15th January 2016 - Bev
  • "We purchased 80m2 of Stadium turf. After 3 weeks and one cut the turf looks fabulous. Would recommend this product."

    30th September 2015 - Mark - Manchester
  • "I bought the bulk buy 240 Sq M Excellent value Excellent Quality and Excellent survice Turf is lush green and has transformed our garden Would use them again"

    28th September 2015 - Robin
  • "Carlsberg dont do turf, but if they did they would be like this seller. CHEERS first class"

    17th September 2015 - Wayne
  • "Excellent stadium turf looks brilliant. Delivered on time and very helpful."

    16th September 2015 - Mark
  • "We ordered 96sqm of stadium turf, it arrived within the slot chosen, we paid for an afternoon slot for convenience. The turf laid great, the emails and corresponence was really helpful for us as we havent got any experience of laying turf. Nearly a week on we are thrilled with it!"

    16th September 2015 - Vicki
  • "I ordered online a relatively small quantity of Stadium turf (40m2) then phoned the company to add some extra, with no problem at all. I paid for morning delivery but did not receive an email with estimated delivery time as advised and my turf arrived at 11:40 (still technically am!), so was a little disappointed. This of course was no fault of OnlineTurf. Unfortunately the additional fertiliser that I'd ordered did not arrive so I had to make a trip to the local DIY store to ensure the best preparation and success of the lawn. Also, there were a couple of rolls that were tatty down one edge and two that had holes along the centre of the strip so couldn't be laid. Luckily my adding to the order meant that these could be disguarded without adversely affecting the final result. Overall I was really pleased with the quality of the turf. The soil was deep and grass in great condition. It was so easy to lay a really great looking lawn and am impressed by how much it has grown in just one week. I am really pleased with the follow up advice on lawn care and cutting. I don't believe that other companies provide this service. Despite the couple of minor problems mentioned above I would without hesitation, use OnlineTurf again in the future. Here's to many happy years of garden play for my grandchildren."

    2nd September 2015 - WML
  • "WOW!!!! I brought 100 m2 of Stadium Turf last Wednesday. Delivered Thursday before 1pm. Great deep soil base. Great rich colour. Really fresh and easy to lay. Weended up with a beautiful huge flat lawn. It's been watered a couple of times. Is taking well to its new home. i can't wait to cut it."

    31st August 2015 - James Harden
  • "FANTASTIC company, so happy with our lawn. Excellent service from ordering to delivery. Price was extremely reasonable, we are down in the south west, Devon and it was still cheaper to order from these guys. We had the stadium turf, followed all the info and support that online turf sent to us and we now have a luscious, green lawn for our toddler to play on. I would recommend these to family and friends, we'll just about everyone really that wants a great lawn to compliment their home. Thanks online turf."

    23rd August 2015 - Ruth cameron
  • "turf is laid and cannot fault anything...absolutly fantastic..i orded staduim turf cannot fault...already recommend to family and friends."

    18th August 2015 - abi
  • "We ordered the stadium turf for a Saturday delivery. It arrived around mid day so no problems there. Turf arrived stacked nicely on a pallet, no damage. Having never laid turf before I wasn't quIte sure what to expect, but the whole process was suprisingly easy. The turves were all good quality and uniform size, and easy to cut around the edges of the lawn area. Photo below was taken shortly after laying the turf, so doesn't do the finished product justice, but you can see that the turf is fresh and green. Emails with tips are a nice and useful touch which backs up the excellent service."

    13th August 2015 - Benjamin
  • "Excellent company. We had the stadium turf which was delivered next day for free. The turf looks beautiful and really impressed with the update emails on how to care for your lawn and when you can mow the lawn for the first time. I would definitely recommend this company."

    8th August 2015 - Nicola Dooley
  • "Good quality turf we had the stadium and it looks lovely. The service is second to none never before have I received aftercare for a lawn which I find amazing.Would highly recommend to anyone 5* all the way"

    6th August 2015 - Eddie
  • "An absolute incredible service from ordering to delivery and the after care follow up. The stadium turf we ordered was superb and looked a million dollars when laid. Emails explaining step by step what to do and when to do it, even telling you when to mow it. A First Class company that really care not only about their product they are selling but us the customer, which is very very rare these days. I cannot praise Online Turf enough and will recommend them to friends and family"

    27th July 2015 - Paul Kennington
  • "Bought the stadium turf. Ordered on Friday, had it delivered on Saturday. Didn't pick a time slot but it arrived at 8:15am, very friendly and helpful driver. Laid my turf out the same day, the quality is excellent and it looks great. So happy with the ordering and delivery experience, so fast, easy and friendly. 5 star service, excellent product."

    25th July 2015 - Ian
  • "I have never left a review for anything i've bought before. However, I am so happy with my recent purchase i had to do it! After trawling the Internet and shops looking at turfs I didn't think we could afford them and resorted to grass seeding a new lawn. When I came across this site I admit I felt initially unsure at buying turf online and not being able to see it first. The very reasonable price swung it for us. We went for the stadium turf. There was a delivery hitch but that was not the companys fault but the delivery firm they use. The advisors I spoke to on the phone were extremely helpful. I was very impressed with the quality of the turfs and my husband said they were easy to lay. With a daily watering in the hot summer weather and now a bit of rain they are thriving and I am so impressed I had to share. Also, if you provide an email address they email you regular updates on caring for your lawn which we found invaluable and you would not receive this from a shop. If like me you were unsure about buying turfs online, please take my advice and do it!! You save a fortune, will have a fabulous quality lawn and end up incredibly impressed like us! 10/10 could not recommend more highly!!!!"

    25th July 2015 - Laura
  • "Unable to find any decent turf locally, I ordered 40m2 of the stadium turf to re-lawn our little garden which had been turned into a builders yard while we had an extension built. i had reservations about ordering online but I have to say our experience has been brilliant. The turf arrived on time and very very green, it went down beatifully and thanks to a few days of rain a week later our garden is glowing green and lush! The turf is excellent - way better than I could have bought in a garden centre - and you even get after care letting you know how to lay it and when to mow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Thank you!"

    22nd July 2015 - Catherine
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