• "Really beautiful lawn, would recommend to anyone. Paid extra for Saturday delivery and fortunately this arrived at 8am so we had all day to work, driver was also very helpful. The grass was in amazing condition considering the heatwave, very green and the soil was thick and moist. We miscalculated and needed to go and buy an extra 2m2 from the local DIY centre and the difference in quality was very obvious. The extra rolls we bought were on a much thinner soil base, and whilst our stadium lawn after a week is well rooted and growing well, the other grass is still lifting and nowhere near as nice despite being the more expensive of the two. So pleased with the end result and wouldn't hesitate to use you again. "

    15th July 2018 - Katie, Portsmouth .
  • "I ordered stadium as I wanted a long lasting tough lawn. the man on the phone was very helpful in helping me establ8sh how much I needed.the grass and top soil as agreed arrived Tuesday, and we layed two days later due to other commitments. I watered the grass in rolls . it's now 4 days later and the lawn looks great already.more perky and lush. the soil was also excellent quality .lots of manuer and no debris , just good quality. very happy with grass. and the online emails to give advice after laying so you keep doing it right. "

    15th July 2018 - Athena roberts, Havant.
  • "Absolutely brilliant service and the quality is amazing ,after caring ,watering and following your advice we have cut our lawn for the 1st time and we have a green lush one ,our neighbours are envious. Well satisfied customer."

    14th July 2018 - Barbara watkinson, Chesterfield.
  • "Was a bit dubious at first, having never purchased new grass before, especially without seeing it first but the lawn has been laid for two weeks now and it's looking great, almost ready to be mowed! Excellent service too, from start to finish, including the aftercare emails, would recommend to anyone. "

    13th July 2018 - Lylea, Leicester.
  • "Fab service, great quality, would order again!"

    13th July 2018 - Becca , Northamptonshire .
  • "Bought stadium lawn for my garden, it was simple to order arrived on line very helpful driver took it round to back of house for my husband laid the day within the hour completely lain, looked good and even better with a good watering, were called and asked to lay imediately due to current weather conditions, emailed when to check and first cut. Thank you it has been a pleasure would definitely recommend as only down over a week and looks amazing already, service outstanding from start to finish."

    12th July 2018 - Diane Arthur, Livingston.
  • "Delivery has nice and early, driver was very helpful and delivered it to the back yard for me. Really good quality grass that looks brilliant only a few days after laying. "

    12th July 2018 - A Morton, Leeds.
  • "I have deliberately waited a few weeks before posting my review to ensure the grass has rooted in. I need not have worried, with a bit of watering in, it looks fantastic. A tip would be to slightly over order, I had 3 rolls that were damaged so luckily I’d ordered slightly more, but that’s my only niggle, overall I’m extremely satisfied with the product "

    11th July 2018 - Michael Wallis, Leicestershire .
  • "Great product, excellent website and service. Delivery faultless. Exactly what you want when ordering. Will happily use this company from now on for any more I need. I have already recommended them to others. Grass was cut uniform and not too short, rolls were pretty healthy given the weather. Very little wastage."

    10th July 2018 - Daniel, Colchester.
  • "Excellent product, good quality, very pleased."

    10th July 2018 - Meyer, Tharston.
  • "Excellent product even in this heatwave it is still green after being laid, was a bit worried that it might be a little yellow when it arrived but no problem with that.Good service and delivery."

    9th July 2018 - Ivan, North Yorkshire.
  • "Great quality lawn, excellent value for money. I'm only giving 3 stars as about 4 rolls were damaged or split. Also it was supposed to come between 12-6 but I got a phone call about 10.15 saying he was outside my house so had to leave work and rush home. "

    9th July 2018 - Carl s, Batley.
  • "The grass is thick and even though Ive layed it during a heatwave it’s doing brilliantly. I haven’t had to excessively water it either, it’s really green and plush. If ever need grass again, I’ll be using this stuff. Delivery was incredibly quick too, i ordered it on the Wednesday evening and it arrived on Friday. Any other online shop would consider that next day delivery. "

    3rd July 2018 - Jack, Gloucester.
  • "mostly great quality and has taken very well within a week. Delivery was on time and the driver was very helpful. Overall very good and would order again in the future if we needed more. Only reason for 4/5 is a few of the rolls were damaged and falling apart so we were unable to use them. "

    3rd July 2018 - Kathryn, Oxford.
  • "Really impressed with the company. There was no issues from order to delivery. Lawn is good quality and a good price (including delivery). Delivery was top notch got emails stating when being delivered. Was delivered bang on the hour they said. Would definitely recommend Onlineturf. "

    2nd July 2018 - Adam Devereux, Ambergate .
  • "Was so pleased with previous order that we decided to extend the lawn.Thiz time seemed to have to different types of grass in my order "

    1st July 2018 - Sharon , Swindon.
  • "This was a second small order to cover the area left by a pathway, the first order looked so nice down the wife decided 'we' would change the path layout . A prompt, friendly delivery just like the first, the only reason for the 4 star being the appearance of a longer second grass (rye??) that was not apparent in the first delivery."

    1st July 2018 - Pete Tredge, East Yorkshire.
  • "Excellent customer service provided by team. Ordered the top spoil 1st, followed by the stadium rurd the following day. The only issue I had was both deliveries arrived late in the afternoon albeit I paid the extra £10 for morning delivery which was annoying as I had taken time off work. The delivery was placed where required which was helpful and saved time. Found 3 rolls were totally unusable and were split on the middle and was not going to use these on my new lawn. Would definitely recommend www.onlinerurf.co.uk. Looks better than Old Trafford even Tony Sinclair would give it the thumbs up :)"

    1st July 2018 - Bill, London.
  • "Excellent . Cannot fault the service from order to delivery. Arrived at 8:30am and 180sqm laid before lunch"

    29th June 2018 - Craig, Shrewley.
  • "Brought this grass last week on the Thursday was delivered at 8.30 on the Saturday as requested. Beautiful lawn very easy to lay and even in this heat is thriving after a good water each evening. Will defiantly be recommending."

    28th June 2018 - Danielle , Northampton .
  • "From ordering to delivery excellent service quality of lawn superb been down less than a week and looks brilliant. Highly recommend."

    27th June 2018 - Paul, Weymouth.
  • "Ordered the lawn to tidy up a long neglected area of grass. The trouble is it is a case of 'Buyer Beware', after laying it looked so good it put the rest to shame. So on instruction for the wife an old slab paveway was re-routed and more grass ordered and laid, she is well impressed with the results. "Happer wife, happy life". We would certainly recommend 'OnLineTurf'. Not to forget delivery... prompt, cheerful and helpful. "

    27th June 2018 - Pete Tredge, East Yorkshire.
  • "Very good information of product on website to assist in choosing right grass. Online chat equally helpful in reassuring you when youve decided on the right one. Prices cheaper then nearest competitor -believe me i did my reasearch. Delivery on time and helpful with unloading and placing it somewhere close to garden. grass not laid until over 18 hours later (I wouldn't recommend however had no choice for other reasons) however when unrolled was still a healthy albeit light green and have no doubt that if laid within a few hours would have kept its lush green colour. Nevertheless it went down a breeze have been watering daily everyday and am seeing it develop and flourish into a great lawn. Compliments from neighbours already after a week. Excited to see it develop. Finally after care emails provide extra bit of comfort in making sure I care for it correctly. Highly highly recommend this 5 star product. "

    27th June 2018 - Darrell, Cardiff.
  • "Great product. Arrived on the day. And took hold within a few days. Very green and lush. If you follow their instructions on the website you’ll have a lawn fit for the England football team to win 6-1 on..Highly recommended."

    25th June 2018 - Andrew Tomlinson, Stone Staffordshire .
  • "Excellent all round. Delivered on time, great quality, great price. Delivered as requested. Customer service brilliant, couldn't have been more helpful."

    24th June 2018 - Melanie, Talywain, South Wales.
  • "Brilliant service with a brilliant product. Would recommend to anyone. I will be using this company again"

    23rd June 2018 - Ivan bonney, Hertfordshire.
  • "Great product with professional quick service at a reasonable price. Lawn looking good so far can’t wait to mow it. I think the fact that you follow up your sales with advice and updates is brilliant service. Highly recommend this company to anyone "

    22nd June 2018 - James, Lancashire .
  • "Highly recommended, customer service second to none. Delivery on time. The grass has been laid and doing great, will need to mow soon. They even send emails advising how to care and when to cut your lawn. I’m very happy."

    21st June 2018 - Garry Knowles, Lancaster .
  • "Excellent quality, easy to order and delivery was within 3 days. Laid it as soon as it was delivered and keep watering it every day. Would recommend it to my friends and family."

    20th June 2018 - Brian Costain, Nairn Scotland.
  • "Great quality product and service. Happy to recommend."

    20th June 2018 - Mr, Hampshire.
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