What is it?

Dandelions, also known as Taraxacum, are a very common weed within our gardens if allowed to prosper. They tend to flower in spring and fall when the length of the day is less than 12 hours. Usually however, the most prominent growth period is during the month of May with optimal shady conditions.

Visually, this weed has a very bright yellow flower with prostrate leaves that can suffocate the grass. It is very similar to Cat’s-ear and Hawk Bit, however it is not to be confused as they do have their differences. The seed head is what most of us will have picked as a child to blow into, causing the seeds to disperse and flutter in the wind.

When do they flower?

Spring and Fall.

Treatment and Control


Dandelions can be weeded by hand but the whole plant, including its roots, must be removed. The roots can often to be up to 2-3 feet deep therefore we would recommend using a weed killer as there’s less chance the weed will make a further appearance.


There are different weed killers available on the market today, it does just depend on how heavily affected your garden is. We thought we’d make it slightly easier and provide a bit of advice for small areas (where you may have the odd unsightly weed) and larger areas (where it’s an overgrown area, vastly populated by the overpowering little blighters).

Small Areas: Glyphosate, applied sparingly with spray, sponge or paint brush.

Larger Areas: Use selective weed killer such as Verdone as it targets the weed, not the lawn.

Did you know?

  • Dandelions are one of the longest flowering weeds.
  • Dandelions can and have been used to treat medical ailments.
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