• "Brilliant. Good description on line, easy to order, good choice of delivery dates and arrived on time. Delivery man very helpful. laid easy and looks wonderful and even a reminder as to when to do first cut. All Round Brilliance can and will recommend. "

    17th July 2019 - Sue Lees-Wolfenden , Halifax .
  • "So far so good, delivered in the timeframe i paid for, driver was very helpful. Laid within an hour of delivery , very easy to roll out. Garden after 5 days looks fantastic and has taken already. Unfortunately cant upload a picture on here or i would. "

    16th July 2019 - Gareth S, Kettering .
  • "I bought grass and topsoil on my order. Really easy process and very reasonable delivery costs (not like some other extortionate companies I tried). I did book delivery between 8am-1pm and it was delivered at 3.30pm but the rest of the service was outstanding. The e-mails telling you about the grass and when you can mow it were great. Excellent service - would highly recommend AAA+++"

    16th July 2019 - Clare Chaffey, Snodland, Kent.
  • "Exceptional service from start to finish, turf arrived at the perfect time and the quality for price was quite outstanding, ordered a lot of turf from different companies over the years and I must say I will definitely be coming back to these guys. "

    16th July 2019 - Scott hart, Tamworth.
  • "Good prompt delivery and easy to order. Some of the rolls were damaged but I over ordered which wasn't an issue. Turf has been down 6 days and is starting to route and getting established. Would recommend online turf."

    15th July 2019 - Steven Adams, Leicestershire.
  • "Turf was delivered on time and I was amazed by the quality of it for the price very good product would definitely recommend "

    15th July 2019 - Oliver Kelly, Derbyshire .
  • "Excellent quality. Easy website to order. Good follow up with reminders about maintenance. "

    15th July 2019 - Ady, Essex.
  • "Great product good price and divered when I wanted I wanted thank you"

    14th July 2019 - Alan d cowling, Wolverhampton.
  • "Prompt delivery, great quality turf.Excellent value for money thank you."

    14th July 2019 - Debbie, Weston super Mare.
  • "Excellent service highly recommend. has been down a week and has took very well. Easy to lay and great quality "

    13th July 2019 - Chris, Tyne & Wear.
  • "Topturf, delivered on time, looks great "

    10th July 2019 - Paul Atack, York.
  • "Excellent support and service from the time the turfs were ordered through to the weekend following delivery. So much useful advice offered in laying and caring for the turfs. The turfs were exactly the right quality for our needs and a lot cheaper than our local supply options."

    10th July 2019 - Hunt, Bournemouth.
  • "Although I only need 12sq meters to replace a flower bed the price was still very competitive, deliver excellent short of carrying the rolls up the steps to the garden the driver couldn't have got it any closer. I know this isn't the time or weather for laying but my new lawn is green and nice and dense watering every other day and it looks great! I noted in the comments several people mentioned torn sections in the turf I had no such problem and wonder if people are yanking the rolls off the pallet in their enthusiasm to get it laid and aren't checking to see how it has been stacked on to the pallet as to keep it secured some of the rolls are on top of the tail of the roll below/beside, look before you lift and all will be fine."

    10th July 2019 - Tim Hunter, Somerset.
  • "Turned up on time, delivered on pallet to driveway. Looked a little dry, hadn’t been watered for at least a day or 2 but once unwrapped it was fine. Good quality which looks really good now it’s laid, no problems. "

    10th July 2019 - Joe, Liverpool.
  • "According to the Site Foreman, all went well. "

    9th July 2019 - MARLA MARTINS, oxford.
  • "Quick and easy to order and at a great price and I loved the aftercare instructions that were sent to me, great service and a great product that is already looking the part. "

    7th July 2019 - David , Liverpool .
  • "Excellent service would highly recommend "

    7th July 2019 - Karen snook, Birmingham .
  • "Paid for delivery before 1pm and arrived at 9.30am which was pleased with as was forecast to be very hot , rolls were quite dry already glad I over ordered as there was around 5 torn rolls 2 being massive holes in middle of them , overall though good quality reasonably priced product have already recommended to a stranger looking at turf in b&q ! Would use again "

    7th July 2019 - Marc, London.
  • "Really pleased arrived the day before the hottest day of the year. Looks good so far"

    3rd July 2019 - Clare, Glos.
  • "Quality grass. Would recommend. Delivered next day as promised . Was layed the same day and the next day was the hottest day of the year so far and it withstood that and 5 days later still looking very good "

    3rd July 2019 - Michael cousins , Sandy.
  • "Service was really good, however some of the top rolls of the pallets where a little dry. 3 rolls went yellow the first day down, even with loads of water. They are a little miss shaped but I can live with that, in time you wont see the joins, "

    2nd July 2019 - Tonya, Berkshire.
  • "The grass arrived the next day as promised, a little early to assess as it has only been laid 5 days but seems healthy. Would order again."

    2nd July 2019 - Graham, Salisbury.
  • "Really quick and professional service. Highly recommended. "

    2nd July 2019 - Husnain Nasim, London.
  • "Was concerned on first sight as the first 2 roles were very poorly cut with big rips and very scraggy, however the remainder was good. Apart from this; Delivery was perfect, price was good and the denseness of grass was good. Laid during our very hot spell so concerned how it would cope, but possibly the best growth I have seen from freshly laid grass. Had it not been for the couple of poor roles it would have been 5 stars. Will buy again. "

    2nd July 2019 - Chris, Caerphilly.
  • "Good service and I like the after sales care with follow up emails informing me when to cut etc. 1 or 2 torn rolls but were still able to use."

    2nd July 2019 - Michael Patrick , Walsall.
  • "Superb service, great delivery, great price, top qualityturf!! Would highly recommend!! 👍🏻"

    2nd July 2019 - Dan, Liverpool.
  • "Delivered on time and as ordered. That was a few weeks ago; the grass now seems to have taken and is doing well. Other than that ... it's green and grassy without any weeds."

    1st July 2019 - Julian Fletcher, Oxford.
  • "A"

    30th June 2019 - Darius, Sidcup .
  • "Very pleased, all the reviews I read were right, I upgraded the stadium grass when ordering for a very small fee. Delivery perfect on the day requested, I’m no expert but my guys I had to lay it said it was very good quality and they couldn’t supply at the price paid. Only down for a few days so plenty of evening watering and not cut yet, but certainly growing and looking good. "

    30th June 2019 - John Wilkinson, Oxfordshire.
  • "As far as I can tell the product is fine but the delivery was disappointing. Despite having paid for a specified morning delivery the local distributor did not seem aware of this and the turf did not arrive until late in the day. Fortunately I was present as the pallet trolley used would not work on a gravel drive."

    30th June 2019 - Rod, Northampton.
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