• "Excellent service would highly recommend "

    7th July 2019 - Karen snook, Birmingham .
  • "Easy to order and up front on price unlike many others. Delivered to schedule and drive placed the pallet S close as possible. Grass went down within 4 hours and a week later is thriving. Like the on going messages about watering and mowing."

    7th July 2019 - Simon Ellis , Stanford le Hope.
  • "Paid for delivery before 1pm and arrived at 9.30am which was pleased with as was forecast to be very hot , rolls were quite dry already glad I over ordered as there was around 5 torn rolls 2 being massive holes in middle of them , overall though good quality reasonably priced product have already recommended to a stranger looking at turf in b&q ! Would use again "

    7th July 2019 - Marc, London.
  • "Really pleased arrived the day before the hottest day of the year. Looks good so far"

    3rd July 2019 - Clare, Glos.
  • "Excellent quality goldturf, with lots of watering in this hot weather it’s still thriving and looking healthy. We also ordered half a ton of topsoil also excellent quality. Would definitely recommend."

    3rd July 2019 - Caroline, Leigh-on-Sea .
  • "Quality grass. Would recommend. Delivered next day as promised . Was layed the same day and the next day was the hottest day of the year so far and it withstood that and 5 days later still looking very good "

    3rd July 2019 - Michael cousins , Sandy.
  • "Exyremely happy with qualiry if product, price and service.We opted for all day delivery time and received a phone call to inform us that delivery was on the way.I would recommend this company without hesitation."

    3rd July 2019 - Deborah Cook, Birmingham.
  • "Great quality. Very helpful driver!"

    3rd July 2019 - Manos, Towcester .
  • "Excellent service , quality product"

    3rd July 2019 - Joseph pauls, Liverpool.
  • "Service was really good, however some of the top rolls of the pallets where a little dry. 3 rolls went yellow the first day down, even with loads of water. They are a little miss shaped but I can live with that, in time you wont see the joins, "

    2nd July 2019 - Tonya, Berkshire.
  • "Brilliant quality and quick delivery."

    2nd July 2019 - Kelly Cox, Maidstone.
  • "The grass arrived the next day as promised, a little early to assess as it has only been laid 5 days but seems healthy. Would order again."

    2nd July 2019 - Graham, Salisbury.
  • "Really quick and professional service. Highly recommended. "

    2nd July 2019 - Husnain Nasim, London.
  • "Was concerned on first sight as the first 2 roles were very poorly cut with big rips and very scraggy, however the remainder was good. Apart from this; Delivery was perfect, price was good and the denseness of grass was good. Laid during our very hot spell so concerned how it would cope, but possibly the best growth I have seen from freshly laid grass. Had it not been for the couple of poor roles it would have been 5 stars. Will buy again. "

    2nd July 2019 - Chris, Caerphilly.
  • "Really pleased. Healthyturf in great condition. Looks fabulous. Delivery on time. Great experience. Would definitely use again. "

    2nd July 2019 - Amanda Gashi, Edinburgh.
  • "Good service and I like the after sales care with follow up emails informing me when to cut etc. 1 or 2 torn rolls but were still able to use."

    2nd July 2019 - Michael Patrick , Walsall.
  • "Superb service, great delivery, great price, top qualityturf!! Would highly recommend!! 👍🏻"

    2nd July 2019 - Dan, Liverpool.
  • "Good quality, delivery on time, very pleased."

    1st July 2019 - Chris Gibbons, Swindon.
  • "Delivered on time and as ordered. That was a few weeks ago; the grass now seems to have taken and is doing well. Other than that ... it's green and grassy without any weeds."

    1st July 2019 - Julian Fletcher, Oxford.
  • "Honestly I was very impressed with the whole service. Paid extra to receive before 1pm, and it arrived just before 12 so was very pleased. grass was very easy to lay, no issues with damaged rolls or anything. Been down for approx 2 weeks now and all looking fine, my 2 dogs absolutely love it and it's a struggle to get them off it! Havent cut it yet as I'm waiting for the follow up email to tell me when to do it, all the info I have received about the after care were great. I have already recommended online turf to a few people and will continue to do so, perfect service in my opinion."

    1st July 2019 - Sheila , Kent.
  • "A"

    30th June 2019 - Darius, Sidcup .
  • "Very pleased, all the reviews I read were right, I upgraded the stadium grass when ordering for a very small fee. Delivery perfect on the day requested, I’m no expert but my guys I had to lay it said it was very good quality and they couldn’t supply at the price paid. Only down for a few days so plenty of evening watering and not cut yet, but certainly growing and looking good. "

    30th June 2019 - John Wilkinson, Oxfordshire.
  • "Gold rye - great delivery man, great product. grass now laid and taking to area well, even in the hot temperatures being experienced at the moment. "

    30th June 2019 - Ben, Basingstoke.
  • "First class grass and service, many thanks"

    30th June 2019 - Morris McCafferty, Rugby .
  • "As far as I can tell the product is fine but the delivery was disappointing. Despite having paid for a specified morning delivery the local distributor did not seem aware of this and the turf did not arrive until late in the day. Fortunately I was present as the pallet trolley used would not work on a gravel drive."

    30th June 2019 - Rod, Northampton.
  • "Ordered 56 sq m of Rye Gold Turf and 2x bags of Topsoil to replace old weed infested turf. Delivery arrived on time, and we got to work on the garden the very next day. Topsoil was very good quality, and apart from a few torn rolls of turf they were mostly all fine and were easy to lay. We were given handy aftercare emails which we followed and 3 weeks on the turf has had its first mow.! The grass looks fantastic, a wonderful green. We are very pleased with the overall experience and would recommend Online Turf."

    29th June 2019 - Emma W, Oxfordshire .
  • "Overall I am very pleased with the service. The grass was delivered early in the day and was easy to lay. Out of 48 rolls there were 2 that were slightly damaged , but not beyond use. After 3 weeks, the lawn is looking good and apart from a patch or two that seem to be lagging behind ,is growing well. I would definitely use this company again."

    28th June 2019 - G Hagen, Northampton.
  • "Simple and efficient ordering system, delivery was smooth and on time. The turf apart from a couple of pieces was in really good condition it's been down 7 days now and is looking really good and growing well. I recommend Online Turf , a 5 star company."

    28th June 2019 - Phil, Blackheath.
  • "Superb. Grass growing nicely, just waiting for first cut. Been down a week now. Had some really nice comments from passers by so it must look good, I would be biased anyway. Will defo use again and also recommend if I'm asked where it came from. "

    28th June 2019 - Rich Brown, Southampton.
  • "Good product. Delivery man very helpful - dropped off exactly where I needed it. Grass now been down just over 2 weeks and looking nice after first cut today."

    27th June 2019 - Ian, Huddersfield.
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