• "Delivered on time, good quality weed free grass. Now growing well."

    2nd August 2017 - Hilary, Yatton Bristol.
  • "Delivered as arranged and laid more or less straight away I ordered 4 sq metres, The new grass was to extended my existing lawn, luckily it rained immediately so didn't after water it which save a job. It's been down 3 days and it's looking greener and more lush than the existing lawn and that was the budget. Well worth it."

    2nd August 2017 - P Chappell, Walkerith.
  • "Excellent service and quality. Product was delivered on the date requested and laid the same day. Unfortunately my measurements were out and I under ordered so was short by 2 rolls, I picked some up at a local store but it's thin and sad looking in comparison to the lush thick grass supplied by this company. A 5 star service and product. "

    2nd August 2017 - helen , Brighton.
  • "Very good product "

    2nd August 2017 - Peter, Basingstoke .
  • "Wow"

    1st August 2017 - Jade tonks, Kidderminster .
  • "Good grass, good service."

    1st August 2017 - Jason saunders, West bromwich.
  • "Brilliant company. Driver very friendly. Offered to help getting pallet up slope. Grass is in great condition and follow up emails on advise on when to mow. Will definitely recommend to friends."

    1st August 2017 - Corrinna Russell, Ashford Kent .
  • ""unbelievable! Ordered at 1.45 pm Monday, and received at 9.25 am Tuesday!!!!!!!. Amazing speed. Amazing lawn!!!!!DO NOT EVEN DREAM OF GOING TO - B &Q Homebase, or the like! Their product is inferior. More costly, and been hanging around for a while!""

    1st August 2017 - Anthony Patience, Eastbourne. East Sussex.
  • "Grass arrived and was really great quality even though it was one of the cheapest ones (stadium). Laid it easily and it is growing brilliantly even though it has only been in 5 days. Growing much better than the rest of the grass in the garden! Highly recommended and it is certainly somewhere I will be ordering more turf from when we landscape the garden in a couple of years. "

    1st August 2017 - Jamie Grainger, Stourbridge, West Midlands.
  • "So buying grasson line , not something I ever thought of doing. Will they send Dead grass? will it be what they say it is? all these questions ran through my mind and Wow ! This company is first class, everything they say and do THEY DO. The lawn arrived 1st class delivery called 30 minutes before arrival. They took the grass off the truck, FRESHLY cut. They even had a bag of weed and feed to be placed on the soil before turf laying. All I can say is, They are 1ST CLASS IN PRODUCT, 1ST CLASS IN PRICE, 1ST CLASS IN SERVICE. Don't mess about with other companies offers . This is a no hassle company who deliver in every way 1st class service."

    1st August 2017 - David, Hull.
  • "Highly recommended! I was dubious about buying grass I couldn't see but I didn't need to worry. The whole process from working out how much I needed to delivery was easy, simple and stress free. Customer service is excellent, the lawn is good quality, vibrant and fresh and the delivery process was simple. I couldn't have asked for more. Within 48 hours I had measured the area, selected my gass, had it delivered and laid it! Stress free and easy! Thank you!"

    1st August 2017 - Hannah, South Wales.
  • "Excellent service. Delivered straight to my back garden gates, so very easy to get to where it was to be laid. Quality of grass was 1st class with no bald or dying pieces. Very easy to lay with manageable sized rolls. ( very important as I live on my own ). It us now 5 days laid and condition is still excellent. Would highly recommend this company . Also impressed that it came with fertilizer."

    1st August 2017 - Susan Budden, West Yorkshire.
  • "Wasn't sure about buying grass online, but was surprised to find that the lawn was really good. Arrived well inside the timeslot selected, put down straight away, and a week on looks really healthy. If I need grass again i won't hesitate to use them again. They also follow up after sale, via emails and texts with helpful tips to those who don't know how to look after the lawn after it is laid. Totally recommend this company. "

    31st July 2017 - BILLY HOGGINS , Winlaton .
  • "First class service. delivered on time and very pleased with the quality Lawn layed and ready for cutting. Thanks. "

    31st July 2017 - peter stoddart, s425sg.
  • "excellent service"

    31st July 2017 - Bryan, notts.
  • "fantastic product great service garden lookling fanastic 5 star"

    31st July 2017 - mr kay, hinckley.
  • "Fantastic product and service. Delivery was quick after ordering. Lawn has only been down for half a week but new roots growing and it's looking great!"

    31st July 2017 - Sarah, Cornwall.
  • "Excellent quality , arrived promptly the next day , and the driver made every attempt to get it as close to the garden as possible. Great value for money and the grass looks fantastic! "

    31st July 2017 - Selin, Cheltenham .
  • "Buy with confidence, excellent product, arrived on a pallet but with small rolls on it. It was easy for me as a woman to move it in the back of the house. It already made roots and grows nicely. Healthy looking. Great seller. Excellent bargain for us. Thank you"

    30th July 2017 - Ramona, Macclesfield.
  • "Rye Gold came bang on schedule, pallet shrink-wrapped and 18 square metres in excellent condition. The turves were very evenly cut and the sward was lovely and thick and a beautiful colour. I was also pleasantly surprised that I was also given a complimentary bag of pre-lay fertilizer, seeing I had only ordered a small amount of turves. The driver was very efficient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and polite and explained that the turves should be laid immediately for best results. I had the ground well prepared so laid immediately. after scattering the dry- mix fertilizer on the prepared moist topsoil bed and the turves looked brilliant straight away. I gave it a good watering and it also rained that night. I butted them up tightly and added a handful of topsoil along each joint as I went, rubbing this in by hand (not sure if this is overkill, but I read it somewhere on line). That was 5 days ago and it has been excellent weather since, i.e. warm but plenty of rain, so I haven't needed to water it yet. The topsoil I rubbed into the joints is now invisible and the lawn looks brilliant. Many thanks, I couldn't be more satisfied."

    30th July 2017 - Tim Chinnick
  • "Excellent service and very good turf, would use again"

    30th July 2017 - John Garnham, Rayleigh, Essex.
  • "Had 39m2 and it was all perfect apart from 1 roll that was slightly yellow. It's all grown perfect now just after 7 day and is perfect green with no weeds what so ever. Delivery come nice and early and driver was really helpful with the unloading of everything I had. "

    29th July 2017 - James Bowyer, Dagenham.
  • "Got home from work and was stunned at the transformation! The grass is really Lush and very well priced! Delivery was spot in and now I recieve emails on how to properly look after the grass, for example when to cut the lawnfor the first time. This is great for me as this is my first solo experience and little tips are really helpful. I could not fault this service one bit. I will reccomend this company to anyone needing grass. Could not sing higher praises."

    28th July 2017 - Natalie, Crawley.
  • "Great service, had a few broken turves but completed the job. All is good."

    27th July 2017 - Maurice , Bristol .
  • "Excellent product looked good as soon as it was laid and is growing well a good all round service"

    27th July 2017 - Gary Price, Rainham Essex .
  • "Top quality. Only gripe is that fertilizer was halfway down pallet. Last time I ordered the courier didnt deliver. You promptly rearranged but, although I saw on your web info you would include fertiliser, the fertiliser was not included. So this time I was not expecting it but found it after laying about 6 turves . Just a minor gripe. Lawn is great condition and well cut"

    27th July 2017 - Gareth, Wales.
  • "Can fault the service. I got next day am delivery. The grass has been laid almost a week now and looks superb. I will definitely recommend to all. "

    27th July 2017 - Amin, London.
  • "Great grass, great delivery. Came late - well after 1. But all laid and looking good, very happy - would recommend to anyone."

    26th July 2017 - Nigel Bents, Thames Ditton.
  • "Really happy with my lawn, thick, lush and green. It has instantly changed my garden."

    26th July 2017 - Mat, Birmingham .
  • "Simple to order. Driver went out of his way to drop on gravel even though we were told that the driver would only deliver on to hard surface. Grass in good condition, green and moist when delivered. Lawn looks ace :)"

    26th July 2017 - NEIL, Worcester.
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