• "Brilliant service. Delivered as promised. Turf in very good condition. All laid now and looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it in a few weeks after the first cut"

    20th May 2021 - Diane Jpnes, Norton Canes.
  • "A really hlepful and infromed team who were able to guide me with product choice and laying advise. i was concerned about the delivery as it only gives you the day, but in relaity i was an early morning delivery and was able to get on with my day of watering and laying the turf. It was great quality turf, and with the advise from the team i was able to lay with ease and less than a week later i am seeing the progress already with the garden taking and growth coming along already I have also loved the messages and emails with guidance on after-care and mowing advice! Highly Recommended"

    20th May 2021 - Sean Good, Bristol.
  • "Tickled Pink. Communication throughout was bang on. Delivery was prompt and as advised. The turf was brilliant quality and easy to lay. It's been down for 1 week now and still looks as green as when it arrived. The roots are shooting out and it's growing into the top soil (I lift a corner to make sure it's wet through) my son, despite threats and much bawling and shouting, lies on it in just his shorts shouting "it's so soft, much softer than our old lawn" but I have to take his word for that as I'm keeping off it for 6 weeks. Couldn't be happier with it."

    20th May 2021 - Laura, Walsall.
  • "Very Happy With The Service , And The Turf Was Of A Good Quality . I Would Definitely Use Online Turf Again If I Need Any More"

    20th May 2021 - Ian Davidson, Oldham.
  • "Fantastic service, ordered Friday, came Saturday. I just wish the deliver driver at pallet was would have revered up the drive, had to barrow 60m2 up the top :(."

    20th May 2021 - ashley houlton, Chesterfield.
  • "Great quality product! Delivered next day with great customer service!"

    19th May 2021 - Gill, Cumbria.
  • "Excellent service, easy to order and fast next day delivery. Email for first mow was a great reminder. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Jacqui"

    19th May 2021 - Jacqui Lawrance, Sheffield.
  • "Delivery punctual on specified date by helpful driver, Cannot fault the quality of the turf - my wife, admittedly without her glasses, thought I was laying the artificial variety! The cost was reasonable, so an extremely agreeable result."

    19th May 2021 - COLIN, TWICKENHAM.
  • "It was simple to order, with plenty of info for the novice. The choice of delivery date was extremely useful and it was delivered on time. The driver even put the pallet of turf closest to where it was needed, despite having to pull the pallet up the sloped driveway. I ordered 2 Square metres extra as I didn't trust the calculator, and I now have a spare 2 square metres of turf, thereby proving that the calculator can be trusted!"

    19th May 2021 - Ian Russell, Derby.
  • "Easy to order. Excellent service and great follow up emails. Would definitely recommend."

    19th May 2021 - Tina Pettifor, Weymouth.
  • "Delivery on time. The quality of the turf is excellent. After one week the turf is bedding quickly , is growing and lush green. Found the online tutorials really helpful. Would definitely use this company again and would highly recommend."

    19th May 2021 - Pamela Parkinson, Hukl.
  • "Delivery arrived on chosen day via Palletways. Delivery driver was really helpful pulled the tuf right to my doorstep. Turf itself was really easy to lay, been 4 days of constant rain but the turf already seems to have taken to the soil. I know nothing about turf, and with all the different online shops had no idea who to go with, Online turf seemed a rasonable price quick delivery. 10/10 would recommend"

    19th May 2021 - Dan, Essex.
  • "Great turf - arrived on time - thanks to the guys for all their efforts getting pallet into car park where I needed to store it for a while."

    19th May 2021 - Paul, Kent.
  • "Great soil highly recommended"

    19th May 2021 - Richard, Swindon.
  • "Perfect service. Arrived on time, turf in great condition, looks super now laid and with all the rain, is green and growing like mad !"

    19th May 2021 - David Wass, Surrey.
  • "Fantastic service, quick and easy ordering. Next day delivery, and turf is great. Will definitely use again."

    19th May 2021 - Lynette Booth, Worrhing.
  • "Website was easy to use, very helpful in helping to determine amount required. Loads of easy to understand advice and ordering was easy. Prompt delivery 2 days after ordering and the delivery driver was really helpful, taking the pallet to within 20 feet of the area to be turfed. High quality turf was in excellent condition. Now it is laid ( very early days yet) but it looks smashing even now. I was impressed to receive the follow up email too. I have already recommended the company to two friends!"

    19th May 2021 - Meriel, Uxbridge.
  • "Fantastic product and service. Delivered within 48 hours, fresh and excellent condition. Loved the follow-up emails and after care service as well. Great value and service"

    19th May 2021 - Keith, GU34.
  • "Very professional service and superb turf, the new grass looks stunning."

    19th May 2021 - Kev Kania, Nottinghamshire.
  • "Looks great one week in! Roots already pushing through. So so much easier than seeding & although a lot more expensive than grass seed, a LOT less faf. Worth every penny"

    19th May 2021 - Tom D, Sheffield.
  • "So happy will be recommended to all my friends 10/out of10"

    19th May 2021 - robert atkins, nottingham.
  • "Good product that seems to be establishing well, slight disappointment with delivery timings (arrived a day late)"

    18th May 2021 - Mark Reader, Hampshire.
  • "Very easy to use website with a quick delivery turnaround. The turf arrived nice and early on the day. The driver was very helpful and did his best to put the pallets as close to the house as possible, despite us living in a development that is still being built and which makes manouvering a truck and pallets that much more difficult. so far the grass looks great and we are following the helpful guides on here. I have already recommended your company to 2 of my neighbours and i will continue to do so."

    18th May 2021 - Zaid, Birmingham.
  • "Thank you for great service , delivery arrived on correct day and the turf was is perfect condition , was laid say afternoon as arrival and not really had to water except 1st day after laying , Growing nicely and changed the out look of my garden ."

    18th May 2021 - Stuart Homewood, STAINES ON THAMES.
  • "Super easy to order delivered on time to say it was budget turf it was excellent and in superb condition i am delighted"

    18th May 2021 - mary woodhouse, Glasgow.
  • "Great product, looks fab, wanted to give 5 out of 5 but service was not 5 star, possibly a bad day. Would give 4.5 if I could. Will definitely use again."

    17th May 2021 - John Lynch, Bath.
  • "very happy with the service , and the turf was really great . it looked amazing when laid . just want say thank you . Mike"

    17th May 2021 - michael fahey, Pagham west sussex.
  • "Beautiful turf. Arrived on a massive tail lift lorry which the driver expertly negotiated in the road (had to reverse to reach the drop off point. Cheerful chatty bloke - obviously loves his job. Very easy to lay turf - spot on measurements and all edges spot on. Just as well as this is a heavy real quality turf so I did not want to have to start tweeking it when laying. Weather and additional watering is already resulting in the grass springing into growth. Cant wait for a few weeks time when its fully established and we will have a lovely lawn for the grandchildren to play on. Wont hesitate to recommend on-line turf and their stadium turf to others. Thank you."

    17th May 2021 - Malcolm Simpson, Poole.
  • "Order process was quick and simple. Website has lots of useful information and guidance. 21m2 of stadium turf arrived on time 2 working days after order. The turf was in excellent fresh condition which made it easy to lay. Very pleased with this product and would recommend Online Turf."

    17th May 2021 - Ron Webster, Longton, Preston, Lancashire.
  • "Excellent company, have used twice now. Easy to use website, excellent quality turf, prompt delivery - arrives on date and time specified. Highly recommend."

    16th May 2021 - Ruth, Great Witley, Worcester.
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