Lawn Edging Guide

What is lawn edging?

Lawn edging is a simple process that enables you to define a crisp edge between areas of a garden by separating turf with a decorative edging.

You could hire a landscaper to do this for you, however in this guide we will discuss step by step how you can achieve the perfect lawn edge with basic gardening tools.

Types of lawn edging:

There are several different methods you can use to ensure your lawn edge stays crisp, one of the most popular is a metallic lawn edge that is simply pushed into the ground and can be easily bent by hand and joined together to help get your perfect edge.

The other common kinds of lawn edging include wooden & plastic. Both options can be inexpensive depending on the size of the lawn you wish to border and straightforward to install.

Lawn edging guide:

If you are laying new lawn, ensure that your plot features a level spreading of topsoil and your pre-turfing fertiliser has been applied generously, to make your new turf take root faster. Once the turf has been laid and edged to your liking, ensure that the lawn is watered every day and keep off the grass for at least the first two weeks. (if you absolutely must walk across the grass, use a wooden board to help spread your weight and avoid leaving indents.)

If you are not laying turf and are ready to begin, you will need the following tools;

  • Spade
  • Gloves
  • String & Spikes
  • Mallet
  • Trowel
  • Edging material of your choice

The key to the perfect edge is in the preparation. First, mark out the shape of the edge you want to achieve with a string tied around your spikes in the ground. You will find that this will make it much easier to find a neat edge.

Use your spade to cut along the path of the string and use the trowel to remove any excess or to tidy up the line (ensure to keep hold of some of the excess turf just in case you need to fill replace any later on)

If you are using edging strips such as wooden/ metallic strips, simply install them by pushing into the ground along the new lawn edge. Metallic edging strips are often malleable and can be bent by hand to the angle and curve that you need.

Remember to keep trimming the edge to keep the lawn looking neat and tidy if you are not using edging strips.

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