• "I cannot express just how pleased we are with our turf, everything from ordering and delivery was fab, the quality of the turf was fantastic, and I'm loving the txt updates on how to care for your turf. Well done online.turf for a fab service and aftercare we would definitely recommend you"

    23rd September 2015 - Judith cullen
  • "Hi After days of searching the internet I came across Online Turf and ordered 100 rolls. Very happy with the product when arrived. Very happy with the turf rolls and very easy to lay. Did the job in 3 hours without any break and my lawn looks fab. We've had plenty of rain so did not have to worry about watering but have noticed a couple of dull patches which im hoping will turn green as roots settle. Its been a coupl of weeks now and I am ready to mow but the rain has not allowed this to happen. Hopefully will do this this weekend. Only point I will make is that the delivery man did not listen to instructions of where to allocate the load. Unfortunately left if in the middle of the drive insted of the side. Another point I would like to mention is that I am receiving emails of how to care for lawn and reminders of when to mow which I find as great customer service. Will definitely be recommending Turf Online."

    23rd September 2015 - annie
  • "Ordering of the turf was so easy, being given a good choice of delivery dates & an a.m/p.m option was excellent. On arrival the driver was very nice & helpful. The quality of the turf is great, its been down 5 days now & I can see its grown already. Highly recommend Turf Online."

    22nd September 2015 - Christine
  • "Very quick delivery to Romford (Essex), cheaper than a lot of online sites and very happy with the quality of the turf. Ongoing update emails of what should/could be done to the soil to keep it healthy is very useful and a really nice touch. I know it's automated but really appreciate the thought gone into helping the purchaser ensure the turf takes . Definitely will recommend to family and friends."

    21st September 2015 - Chris Nelson
  • "Fantastic service from start to finish. Turf is top notch Recommended to all. Thank you"

    21st September 2015 - David Cartwright
  • "Turf arrived nice and early (Saturday am delivery). Basic turf ordered for child/utility lawn. Surprised by excellent quality and health of turf for price. Free fertiliser was an unexpected bonus. Would definitely recommend and will use again for front lawn next year"

    21st September 2015 - David
  • "Carlsberg dont do turf, but if they did they would be like this seller. CHEERS first class"

    17th September 2015 - Wayne
  • "Turf was delivered on time and laid the same day. Great quality turf and has teken well. The after service tips via e-mail were brilliant and definately showed comittment by the company to ensure your lawn is taken care of. Would definately use again and would recommend."

    17th September 2015 - Chris
  • "Excellent stadium turf looks brilliant. Delivered on time and very helpful."

    16th September 2015 - Mark
  • "Deihted walith the quallity and the service. New lawn already looks lovely . My wife is delighted. Thoroughly recommend Online Turf. After care service is second to none. Only a small hitch, delivery was day after that advised,. Not a problem."

    16th September 2015 - Roger M
  • "We ordered 96sqm of stadium turf, it arrived within the slot chosen, we paid for an afternoon slot for convenience. The turf laid great, the emails and corresponence was really helpful for us as we havent got any experience of laying turf. Nearly a week on we are thrilled with it!"

    16th September 2015 - Vicki
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for my delivery yesterday, everything was great and we were more that pleased with the quality of the turf, a neighbour even commented they thought we had put astro turf down! So 10 out of 10 for your service and product, thanks again"

    16th September 2015 - Anonymous
  • "Very pleased with the turf I ordered its very thick and was easy to lay looks lovely and bright. Arrived on time driver very helpful put the pallet of turf where I wanted it . Very good aftercare given by company Would definely recommend to others and would buy again Can't wait til it needs to be mowed Thankyou Maria"

    16th September 2015 - Maria
  • "From purchase to delivery l can't fault the service at all. I was kept informed of every step, the delivery man called 10 minutes before arriving. I layed the lawn the same morning, this was thursday last week. It looked amazing straight away and looks like it is rooting very well. I also receive small emails with useful information on the aftercare and when the turf is expected to get its first trim... I am very happy with the whole experience and will be happy to highly reccomend it any time."

    15th September 2015 - LINA G
  • "I have to say that this is the most helpful company I have dealt with in a long long long time. I am receiving regular emails as to when to water the turf I ordered, and when to mow it. I would not have known otherwise and want to say a huge thankyou since I didn't know that I would receive these emails and have felt that the courtsy of this company is fantastic. THANK YOU."

    14th September 2015 - M Buck
  • "Good service, very happy with the turf. Great feedback on how to look after the grass. Will be recommending you to people. Thankyou."

    14th September 2015 - E. Smith
  • "Very pleased with the quick service we got with on line turf also very good grass"

    14th September 2015 - tracey ellis
  • "Service from purchasing till delivery was excellent. Turf is good quality very lush and green. Would highly recommend you in future."

    14th September 2015 - Andy G
  • "Bought as company gave a good choice and at very competitve prices. After ordering read about not using this company! RUBBISH! I have been completly impressed with customer service, quality of turf and EXCELLENT AFTER SALES SUPPORT. I CAN'T FAULT THIS COMPANY."

    9th September 2015 - PAULINE V
  • "Good service and products. As an turf first timer, I really appreciated the care tips emails and maintenance follow up emails."

    9th September 2015 - Dan B
  • "Exceptional Service and Really Good Quality Product xx"

    9th September 2015 - Amanda
  • "Excellent turf and excellent service; it arrived at 9:25a.m. as I had paid for a morning delivery, couldn't have been better. After sales service has been first rate. A very satisfied customer."

    8th September 2015 - D Townshend
  • "The gras was delivered with no trouble at all , I wasn't even there . The grass itself is brilliant !!! the aftercare from the company is fantastic with lots of advice . Brilliant value for money too !! WELL IMPRESED !!!"

    2nd September 2015 - Mark c
  • "Excellent service really great turf"

    2nd September 2015 - Alan
  • "Very satisfied with the service and updates would recommend"

    2nd September 2015 - B dowsett
  • "What great turf this is ,the best i have ever had , i need more so there is ony one place to get it , if only it could carry itself uphill 100mtrs then it would be heaven.I love the attention to detail from the company five stars for all involved."

    2nd September 2015 - John Mason
  • "I ordered online a relatively small quantity of Stadium turf (40m2) then phoned the company to add some extra, with no problem at all. I paid for morning delivery but did not receive an email with estimated delivery time as advised and my turf arrived at 11:40 (still technically am!), so was a little disappointed. This of course was no fault of OnlineTurf. Unfortunately the additional fertiliser that I'd ordered did not arrive so I had to make a trip to the local DIY store to ensure the best preparation and success of the lawn. Also, there were a couple of rolls that were tatty down one edge and two that had holes along the centre of the strip so couldn't be laid. Luckily my adding to the order meant that these could be disguarded without adversely affecting the final result. Overall I was really pleased with the quality of the turf. The soil was deep and grass in great condition. It was so easy to lay a really great looking lawn and am impressed by how much it has grown in just one week. I am really pleased with the follow up advice on lawn care and cutting. I don't believe that other companies provide this service. Despite the couple of minor problems mentioned above I would without hesitation, use OnlineTurf again in the future. Here's to many happy years of garden play for my grandchildren."

    2nd September 2015 - WML
  • "Ordered 315m2 of Rye Gold Turf for next day delivery, and chose an AM delivery. The positives and negatives are below. DELIVERY: Delivery arrived at 8:15am, as I requested an AM delivery. I was very pleased about this as I was worried this might turn up as late as 1pm (according to customer services this is stil lclassed as AM for some reason?) Delivery was made on 6 pallets - of which each one weighed about 1 ton per pallet. The driver could not get these off on his own, which meant me hopping on board to help push the loads. Not a massive problem but had this been a delivery for someone not as able, this would have resulted in a non delivery. The pallets were all wedged in on the truck. It took about 40 minutes to offload the turf TURF QUALITY: On the whole the quality is good. The grass is definately free of weeds, and has good growth. The annoying thing here is the 20 or so sods of turf I had 'been smuggled' into my order that were of sub standard quality, with either tatty edges that were falling away from the turf, or big holes missing from the middle resulting in 2 long starnds of turf rolled up to look like a roll. It was obvious to look at these that they were not useable, yet they were included when the pallet was packed. I over ordered to compensate for any measuring mistakes, and was left with 2 rolls of turf. Had I not overorderd I would have been about 12m short. This is a quality control issue that needs addressing when packing. Another annoyance was the difference in thickness of the turf. Some rolls were about 2 inches thick, were as others were about an inch, which means any preperation to the base prior to laying is negated by the difference in turf height.Watch out for this when laying! Im guessing this is due to the uneven land the turf is grown on which results in the cutting machine moving up and down when removing the turf?! After laying this over 2 days, and nearly breaking my back in the process, I must conclude that for the above negatives I am overall very happy with the results. The lawn looks great and would use this company again. I hope they take my constructive criticism onboard for future customers and address these minor problems"

    1st September 2015 - John Watford
  • "Absolutely superb in every respect. We ordered 35M2 but received extra in place of fertilizer, as it happened this was very much to our benfit. We ordered Rye Gold and the quality exeeded all expectation. The courier sevice was exemplary, we have very difficult access and the driver certainly went the extra mile. Communication has also been exceptional throughout. I would definately recommend this company without reservation."

    31st August 2015 - Robert Simpson
  • "Many thanks online turf, the turf looks great. Your service and online support has been brilliant, it has exceeded my expectations. I came across you by chance on the Internet and will be using you again very soon. I'd also recommend yourselves to others."

    31st August 2015 - Mark
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