Topsoil Calculator

You’re in need of soil for your garden project but you’re unsure how much you need. We sell all of our soil in bulk bags (AKA Jumbo or Dumpy bags), so no matter how big your garden is - we have you covered!

Knowing how to measure the area of your garden can seem like a bit of a pain but we’ve made it easy with the below infographic.

The first stage is literally mapping out your garden, deciding on the best way to measure it (for example split it into manageable shapes) and use our easy conversion formula to get to the magic square metre figure. We have examples of different garden shapes so if you have a triangular, circular or any other random shape we can help.

The second stage is measuring your garden, preferably in square metres. This makes things easy as most suppliers work in square metres. The last stage is then to contact your chosen supplier and receive a quote for the amount you need.

Bulk Bags

We have a range of bulk bags available, both compost and top soil. These vary from Garden Compost, Mushroom Compost, general purpose Top Soil, Turfing Top Soil and more. All of our soil and compost is available in bulk bags. Our bulk bags are a cubic metre and hold approximately 750 to 800 kilos of product.


Typically, a bulk bag will cover an area of 30 square metres to the depth of an inch.

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