Getting Ready for the Spring

As we approach the lighter days of February, you may be wondering what the next steps are to ensure your turf regains its green and luscious appearance over the coming months. Although it may look as though your lawn could benefit from some attention, don’t be tempted to feed it just yet.

It is best to keep lawn maintenance to a minimum at this time by simply ensuring any leaves and debris are removed from the area and keeping off the turf should it become frozen or waterlogged. If your turf needs reseeding, it is best to wait until about April after growth of the turf has been stimulated and you have begun to mow your lawn once again.

Whilst there may be little you can do for your lawn at the moment and the days of getting back to maintaining its luscious appearance lie ahead of you, now is the best time to devote a few spare hours to looking after your lawnmower. It is an ideal opportunity to change the oil, clean the air filters and replace the blades if necessary. Once the better weather arrives, and with it the chance to resume your mowing routine, you will then be ready and raring to go.

Should you wish to lay turf at this time of year it is safe to do so and our turf is available for purchase.

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