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Turf Specification

Here at Online Turf, all turf production is carried out by our team on our farm here in Lancashire. From selecting the right seed mixtures, sowing, feeding, mowing and harvesting, we carry out every stage so we can keep an eye on our turf and be sure it always meets our high standards.

Through the years we have perfected four seed mixes using only the highest quality STRI rated cultivars, to create three different turf grades. By specifically choosing and designing the seed mixtures we hope we now offer a grade of lawn to match all needs. If you are unsure as to which one will be best for your garden, the following should help:

Stadium Turf – This is our most popular turf in the range. It is perfect for a family garden with a high proportion of Rye Grasses making it hard wearing and easy to maintain. This is the turf that many local landscapers know us for, and they are happy to use on all of their projects. If it is a nice family garden lawn that you are after – Stadium is the turf for you.

Rye Gold Turf – Similar to the Stadium turf, this is a more hard wearing version. If you think your garden takes a bit more wear and tear than the average family garden, maybe if you have lots of dogs running around too, then Rye Gold is a good choice for you. This is very durable, whilst being aesthetically pleasing with its fine blades.

Budget Turf - As the name suggests, this is our most economical option and is perfect for a family garden where budget is a key factor. Similar to the stadium turf but a slightly lower grade, this will still give you a lawn to be proud of. All of our turf comes with a weed-free guarantee on delivery, excluding the budget turf. Don’t let that scare you though, it isn’t full of weeds it is just exempt from the guarantee in case the odd one has sneaked in when we weren’t looking!

So put simply, if you are after..

With our three different varieties, we hope that you find a turf that will suit your requirements. If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are available over the phone, or via our live support facility at the top of every page.

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